Choose a bank or finance company with experience in aviation lending and aircraft finance.   You may find that even your local bank might finance a few aircraft, but lenders that specializes in aircraft loans will almost always have more accurate documentation and will probably be able to close the loan faster.  Aircraft financing is a specialized field and is best done by an expert to help avoid unexpected costs that can surprise you at closing.  Contact one of our partners on this page for more information or for a rate quote.
 AeroMax, USA

Our primary business is aircraft appraisals, aircraft sales and aircraft acquisitions. Think about this for a moment. After completing a certified aircraft appraisal, reading every logbook entry and personally inspecting the aircraft, who would be in a better position to represent your interest with your aircraft sale or next purchase.

AeroMax, USA was founded in 1992 in Houston, Texas. Our approach to maximum value and customer satisfaction is different from all other aircraft dealers and brokers. This website doesn’t list ten or twenty exclusive aircraft listings for sale. Why list twenty aircraft for sale when there are over twelve thousand on the market today? By working hand in hand with our clients we will locate, appraise, inspect, and purchase the aircraft that fills the requirement of the client. If we are selling your aircraft, the process is the same “we buy or sell one aircraft at a time”.


National Aircraft Finance Company NAFCO is a “Direct Lender” (subsidiary of Pilot Bank) and offers the most competitive rates with terms to 20 years. With over 25 years in the aircraft lending business, we know how to accommodate your needs in the most professional manner. We have NO AIRCRAFT AGE RESTRICTIONS and offer financing for all types of General Aviation and Experimental Aircraft including Light Sport, Kits, Completed Experimental Aircraft, Twin-Engine and Turbo-Prop Aircraft Too !

It’s easy to Apply for a Loan ! Visit us at where you can apply either On-Line or obtain a Printable Credit Application you can complete and return with your supporting credit documentation. Call us at (800) 999-3712 for a quote and to get started !

 JetLease Capital
JetLease Capital is a South Florida based aviation financing and refinancing firm. We work with over 100 banks worldwide and get the best terms with the lowest rates. We also provide bridge loans and short term aircraft financing facilities.