The Piper Aerostar was manufactured in three models: 600A, 601B and 600P. Aircraft built before 1978 were built by Ted Smith Aerostar, which later became Piper Aircraft Corporation. The first Aerostar 600 was flown by Ted Smith in late 1967. This aircraft led to a later turbocharged version, the Aerostar 601, which is what future models were mostly based on. With cruising speeds at over 260kt for later models, and up to 220kt for the very first 600, it is one of the fastest twin-engined planes made. It's ability to climb fast (approx 1800 fpm) is owed to its light build (empty weight at under 37340lbs), coupled with powerful twin engines and low drag. The 600A is almost identical to the original 600, with some small detail modifications. The 601P was similar to the original 601 with the exception that it's pressurized and slightly heavier. The 601B had a larger wingspan than the 601 and only a small number were ever produced, while the 602P Sequoia had twin 290hp engines. The fastest closed speed record for a twin piston production aircraft is still held by the Aerostar 601, making it very popular with people searching for Aerostar 600 aircraft for sale. We have some of the nicest Aerostar planes for sale in the country. Please have a look at our inventory below.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1977 AEROSTAR 601P - $129,000.00$129,000.000US-FL1217P61P-0395-135
1978 Aerostar 601P - Make OfferMake Offer0US-MDN54AJ61P-0769-8063383
1979 Aerostar 601P Machen - $332,000.00$332,000.003931CH-G-RIGS61P-0621-7963281
1981 AEROSTAR 602P/SUPERSTAR 700 - $169,000.00$169,000.006213US-FL3648B62P08668165006
1981 AEROSTAR 602P - $179,900.00$179,900.005246US-FLN111CK
1981 AEROSTAR 601P/SUPERSTAR 700 - $224,999.00$224,999.000US-FLN3646K
1982 Aerostar 602P - $575,000.00$575,000.002400US-NCN12NW
1984 AEROSTAR 700P - $299,000.00$299,000.002081US-MI