The Beechcraft Baron was first produced in 1961 and is still in production today. It is a 6-seat aircraft with an empty weight of 1431kg and is powered by twin horizontally opposed Continental IO-470-L engines which are air cooled and generate 260hp each. The Baron is a variant of another Beechcraft aircraft, the Bonanza. Beechcraft Baron's have always been highly sought after and as such, the value of even the older Baron variants has remained steady. There are three main types of Baron - the short body Baron 55 and 56 and the long body Baron 58. There are also a number of sub-variants for each of these. The first Baron 55 variants were fitted with a Continental IO-470 engine producing 260hp with cruise speeds of around 190 knots. Later Baron 55 variants, the 55C, 55D and 55E had a more powerful Continental IO520s engine producing 285hp, and a high cruising speed of 200 knots. From the Baron 55, later came the Baron 58. It had a high gross weight and club seating and a larger rear baggage area because of a longer fuselage. Several variants were produced, utilizing either a Continental IO-520 or Continental IO-550 engine. See our listing below of our current large inventory of Beechcraft Baron aircraft for sale.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1964 Beech E55 Baron - $89,900.00$89,900.002534US-FLN8969MTC-561
1965 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON - $89,000.00$89,000.004780CA-ABC-FRXOTC-870
1965 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON - $59,500.00$59,500.003620US-VAN678DM
1966 BEECHCRAFT C55 BARON - $119,000.00$119,000.006424US-OHN409VTE-007
1967 Beech Baron - $125,000.00$125,000.003839US-MAN5497UTE-426
1968 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON - $55,000.00$55,000.002118US-GA N8456N TC 1103
1968 BEECHCRAFT D55 BARON - $179,000.00$179,000.004956US-CAN77JBTE-563
1969 Beech B-55 Baron - $85,900.00$85,900.001198US-N239DGTC-1187
1969 BEECHCRAFT 55 BARON - InquireInquire0CH-
1972 Colemill Beech B55 Baron - $139,500.00$139,500.002525US-CAN9308Q TC-1411
1973 BEECHCRAFT E55 BARON - $76,900.00$76,900.0010061CA-ABC-GBGPTE 924
1973 Beech Baron 55 - $37,000.00$37,000.001500US-CAN155KKTC-1606
1976 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON - InquireInquire2914US-FLYV1248TC-2006
1976 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON - $99,500.00$99,500.004016US-KSN2120LTC-1985
1977 BEECHCRAFT 55 BARON - InquireInquire4902US-NC
1978 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON - $149,000.00$149,000.000US-NCN4999MTC-2143
1978 Beechcraft E55 Baron - $199,770.00$199,770.000GB-N55UKTE-1128
1980 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON - $180,000.00$180,000.003340US-TXN995CTTC-2300
1983 Beechcraft Baron 55 - INQUIREINQUIRE3175BR-