The Beechcraft Bonanza is manufactured by Beechcraft and it first flight was December 22 nd 1945. Beechcraft introduced the aircraft to the market in 1947 and it is still in active service today. The Beechcraft Bonanza has been end nonstop production longer than any other aircraft in history. There have been over seventeen thousand Bonanzas built to date. As of 2006, the Bonanza retails at seven hundred thousand American dollars. The Beechcraft Bonanza was designed by a team of individuals led by an aviation designer named Ralph Harmon. This aircraft was reasonably fast and it was designed with a low wing design. It was equipped with a v-tail design and an elevator rudder. The Bonanza went down in the history books for a renowned flight by William Odom. He flew from Honolulu to the United States mainland. The flight was a total of 2,900 miles and was made possible with an upgraded fuel capacity. This was the forth Beechcraft Bonanza ever produced and it was later named “Waikiki Beech”. If you’re in the market for a Beechcraft Bonanza 35 for sale, we have a nice inventory of Bonanza 35 for sale below.

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Beech Bonanza 35 Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1947 Beech 35$29,500.006129US-CAN3122VD-547
1947 BEECH A35 BONANZA$60,000.003200-CAN4598VD1151
1949 Beech A35 Bonanza, 225HP, Speed Slope, Etc.$27,500.007895US-CAN255BD-1570
1952 BEECHCRAFT C35 BONANZA$38,500.004215US-CON1866DD-3136
1952 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza$30,000.006108US-AZ
1952 Beech C35 Bonanza$39,000.004691-NMN1234BD-3179
1954 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza $38,500.003670-AZN7352B
1954 BEECHCRAFT E35 BONANZA$34,000.004764US-GAN3287C
1955 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza$49,500.006578US-NCN90JLD-4295
1955 BEECHCRAFT F35 BONANZA$29,500.005996US-FL
1956 Beech G35 Bonanza$30,000.003475-KSN228BD-4588
1957 Beech Bonanza H35$49,500.003375-ARN11EMD-5159
1957 BEECHCRAFT H35 BONANZA$34,000.004000US-CAN5465D
1958 J-35 Beech Bonanza - Nice Updates - Low Times$48,500.003600US-NJ8297D
1958 Beech Bonanza J-35$55,900.006350US-TXN8342D D-5487
1958 Beech J35 Bonanza$110,000.004127-WAN8348DD-5461
1959 Beech K35 Bonanza$49,000.005595US-AZN33DR
1961 Beech Bonanza N35$64,900.003103US-MAN975Q
1961 Beech N35 Bonanza$41,000.005823-TXN1204ZD6667
1963 Beech P35 Bonanza$69,500.003122-AZN9520YD7016
1963 Beechcraft P35 Bonanza $169,500.003898US-NEN9673YD-7094
1965 Beech S35 Bonanza Inquire6409-MTN/AN/A
1966 BEECHCRAFT V35 BONANZA $79,900.006600US-ARN6MY
1966 Beech V35 Bonanza$195,000.003423US-KSN5941S
1967 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza$74,900.004188US-MIN3194C
1968 BEECHCRAFT V35A BONANZA$95,000.002667US-IAN8423N
1970 BEECHCRAFT V35B BONANZA $96,000.003400US-NVN181CB D-9124
1970 Beech V35B Bonanza$95,000.005850-WIN651PCD-9192
1972 BEECHCRAFT V35B BONANZA$90,000.003231US-TXN1645W
1976 BEECHCRAFT V35B BONANZA$76,900.003053US-WVN1812L