The Beechcraft King Air is a twin turboprop line that is broke down into 4 different models. The models are 90, 100, 200, and 300 series. The 200 series and 300 series were known as the Super King Air, but were later changed to King Air. This series has the longest production line life of any civilian airplane in its class. It has been in production since the early nineteen seventies. The King Air 200 was basically built with the same fuselage as the 100 series model, but did have a few changes to the rear fuselage to house the new T tail design along with a structural change to accommodate a higher maximum pressurization. The Beechcraft King Air 200 received its civil certification in December nineteen seventy three. There were many variants of the Beechcraft King Air 200. The King Air 200 and 300 series was a very popular model with the U.S. Military. They used the King Air for aerial photography and cargo flights. The Beechcraft King Air is now mostly used by corporate and private users and it’s also used for air-taxi and charter companies. The King Air B200 used a crew of 1-2 and it had a passenger capability of thirteen. It was roughly forty four feet long and had a wing span on fifty five feet. The average cruise speed was 333 mph and was powered by twin 850shp turboprops. Please take a look at our extensive inventory of Beechcraft King Air below.

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Beech King Air 200 Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1975 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR A200$595,000.0012631US-VAN34UPBC-6
1976 Beechcraft King Air 200$599,000.0011065CA-ABC-GNHMBB-188
1976 Beech King Air 20010158US-MDN750TTBB-215
1977 Beechcraft King Air 200$1,300,000.0014US-ILN767WFBB-314
1977 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 200$549,500.0013182US-TXN910CABB-229
1978 Beechcraft King Air 20010323CA-ABC-GJLIBB-347
1979 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 200$995,000.0010868US-TXN988CCBB-490
1979 Beechcraft 200 King Air$899,900.009475US-CAN923ASBB-541
1979 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 200Inquire9798US-TXN970KRBB-454
1980 King Air 200Call0US-CAN217CMBB-0621
1980 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 200 $649,000.0020534CA-ABC-GZRX BB-574
1980 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 200 $945,000.0015651CA-ABC-GJJT BB-828
1981 BEECH KING AIR B200$795,000.0012443US-SCN969MABB-894
1981 King Air 20013876CA-BCC-GAUIBB-853
1981 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 200Inquire10345US-KSN789HPBB-820
1981 Beech King Air B200$849,900.007831US-KYN219BW
1982 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B200$795,000.007827US-TXN58GABB-1003
1982 Beechcraft B200 King Air $1,699,000.0010046US-NCN800TSBB-1032
1982 King Air B200$695,000.009575ZA-TXZS-LFUBB-1018
1985 King Air B200$1,995,000.007800US-BB-1195N595BC
1988 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B200$895,000.0014041CA-ABC-GXHS
1989 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B200$895,000.0013082CA-ABC-GXHD
1990 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B200$995,000.0013024CA-ABC-GXHG
1992 Beechcraft King Air B200$1,490,000.006731US-FLN43TA
1992 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B200$1,995,000.008132US-MIN200FRBB-1420
1994 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B200 $1,995,000.007425US-TXN1559G BB-1480
1997 Beechcraft King Air B2005219US-MNN204JTBB-1563
1997 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B200$1,895,000.005993US-TXN566NABB-1566
1999 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR B200Inquire2435US-KSN556ALBB-1670
2013 BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 250$5,150,000.00350US-UTN387LJ BY-183