The Cessna 172 is the most popular and mass manufactured light aircraft on record. There has been over forty three thousand made to date. The original Cessna 172 that was produced in the late 1950’s was powered by a one hundred forty five horsepower six cylinder air cooled engine. The aircraft weighs roughly twenty two hundred pounds and was brought to the market with a base price of eight thousand nine hundred ninety five US dollars. There were many variations of the original Cessna such as the 172A through the 172S. Another very popular model was the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Recently, Cessna publicized that they had a new Cessna 172TD turbo diesel that was in the works. This was to be powered with a one hundred fifty five horsepower liquid cooled engine. Please take a look at all our different Cessna aircraft below.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1957 CESSNA 172 SKYHAWK - $15,500.00$15,500.005653CA-ABC-FJRD29547
1967 Cessna 172 XP Conversion & 210hp STC! Wow! - InquireInquire3400US-NJN1430F
1973 Cessna 172M - $39,900.00$39,900.006015US-N2028917261162
1973 CESSNA 172M SKYHAWK - $20,549.00$20,549.0014274CA-ONC-GWCZ17260916
1974 CESSNA 172M SKYHAWK - $23,605.00$23,605.0023416CA-ONC-GOYR17263451
1974 Cessna 172M Skyhawk II - InquireInquire0US-FL
1975 CESSNA 172M SKYHAWK - InquireInquire10300US-FLN309MM17265518
1975 CESSNA 172M SKYHAWK - $59,900.00$59,900.006759US-VAN61651
1976 CESSNA 172M SKYHAWK - $199,000.00$199,000.001233US-ILN272JA17267439
1977 CESSNA 172N SKYHAWK - $53,100.00$53,100.005835US-CAN79323
1977 Cessna 172N Skyhawk II - InquireInquire0US-FL
1978 CESSNA 172N SKYHAWK - $50,000.00$50,000.005590US-TXN172PA
1978 CESSNA 172N SKYHAWK - $76,384.00$76,384.001352CA-ABC-GYPB172-70768
1979 Cessna 172 - $60,000.00$60,000.0011583CA-BC
1979 Cessna 172N Skyhawk II - $74,500.00$74,500.004940US-NCN6694E17272050
1979 Cessna 172 N Skyhawk II - $79,900.00$79,900.004980US-FLN5990E17271980
1979 Cessna 172N Skyhawk II - $69,900.00$69,900.002943US-NCN2354E172-72777
1980 CESSNA 172RG - $79,000.00$79,000.006400US-NVN5223V172RG0476
1980 CESSNA 172RG CUTLASS - $33,000.00$33,000.008450US-TXN4596R
1981 Cessna 172RG Cutlass - $69,500.00$69,500.005390US-CAN6280V172RG0606
1985 Cessna 172P Skyhawk II - $84,500.00$84,500.004938US-NCN9847717276296
1986 CESSNA 172P SKYHAWK - $49,500.00$49,500.0011130US-VAN119FR17276535
2006 CESSNA 172S SKYHAWK SP - $179,500.00$179,500.006590US-NY
2006 CESSNA Skyhawk 172S - $169,900.00$169,900.007350US-N450ER172S10222
2006 Cessna 172SP Skyhawk SP - InquireInquire426US-TXN1408B 172S10429
2007 Cessna 172SP Skyhawk SP - InquireInquire354US-TXN40RF 172S10473
2012 Cessna 172SP Skyhawk G1000 - $324,900.00$324,900.00792US-NCN172AV172S11203
2016 CESSNA 172 SKYHAWK - InquireInquire0US-NY