The Cessna 180 was first produced in 1953 and ended production in 1981. This aircraft was either a six or eight seat plane and had standard fixed gear. The Cessna 180 is still a very popular aircraft for operations in rough terrain where landing strips aren’t prepared, better known as bush flying. The Cessna 180 was a more powerful counterpart to the Cessna 170. The early model Cessna 180 was equipped with two side windows and later models were designed with three windows. These aircraft were also known to be used as float planes. The early Cessna 180 sales were equipped with a 230 horsepower engine and had a gross weight of two thousand five hundred fifty pounds. We have a nice inventory of Cessna 180 for sale shown below. The Cessna 185 was also called the Skywagon. This is a six seat plane that was produced in 1961. This model also was equipped with on-retractable landing gear. The Cessna 185 was modeled directly after the Cessna 180. It has a stronger fuselage and a larger vertical stabilizer. The Cessna 185 had roughly seventy more horsepower depending on production years and could also be equipped with amphibious floats. If you’re in the market for either of these Cessna’s, we have an excellent inventory for sale. Please have a look!

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Cessna 180/185 Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1954 CESSNA 180$119,500.004200US-AZ
1955 Cessna 180$112,000.004382US-
1959 Cessna 180B$69,900.0012678US-ORN2619550492
1961 Cessna 185 SKYWAGON$155,000.003393US-CAN185G 1850163
1962 Cessna 180E79,500 obo0US-TXN97FC
1969 CESSNA 180$132,820.006402CA-ABC-FYBX
1969 CESSNA 180H SKYWAGON w/550 Conversion$205,000.003520US-CAN180EM 18052034
1973 CESSNA A185$127,324.006740CA-ABC-FFNK185-02126
1974 Cessna 185F$115,000.002354US-OH
1975 Cessna 180J Skywagon II$114,500.005524US-CAN9934N 18052589
1976 Cessna A185F SKYWAGON$97,500.005525US-CAN76185 18503013
1977 Cessna 180K SKYWAGON w/ 520 Conversion$124,500.005560US-CAN823E 18052824
1980 Cessna 180K Skywagon II$134,500.002165US-CAN51CV 18053160
1981 CESSNA 180 K SKYWAGON II$115,000.006200US-FLN24SL18053187