The Cessna 310 is a twin engine American six seat aircraft. This was the very first dual engine aircraft Cessna manufactured and put into production post World War II. These engines were made by Continental and each had 240 horsepower. The engines exhaust flowed under the wings rather than being fed through the nosier augmenter tubes. There were many changes to the first Cessna 310. One of the first changes was the added horsepower and another was the addition of a third window in the 310F series. There were a total of 6,321 Cessna’s built from 1954 through 1980. The Cessna 310 primary role was mainly used for air charter and taxi. The military also used the Cessna for aircraft transport. The United States Military purchased roughly 160 Cessna 310 and they were known as the "Blue Canoe". The Cessna's airspeed, operational cost, and available aftermarket modifications made it well-liked for bush flying. We have a great inventory of Cessna 310 for sale. Please have a look at all of our Cessna 310 for sale below.

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Cessna 310 / 320 Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1958 CESSNA 310B$71,000.004410US-NVN6627B35727
1960 CESSNA 310D Inquire4440US-UT N6792T 39092
1963 Cessna 310H3827CA-ABC-FRSP310H-0076
1964 Cessna 310I$59,900.000US-N8015M310I0015
1964 Cessna 320B Skynight$59,950.000US-N329DB320B0015
1968 CESSNA 320 $139,900.004310US-UT N241AR 320F-0012
1969 Cessna T310P$125,000.004529-CON5740M310p-0040
1973 Cessna 310Q$129,000.004920US-NCN31YK310Q0934
1973 CESSNA 310Q$90,000.006288US-TXN757HB310Q0788
1974 CESSNA 310Q$89,900.004122US-TXN1239G310Q1090
1977 CESSNA T310R$125,000.006254US-FLN37227310R0966
1978 CESSNA 310R$120,000.006090US-UT
1979 CESSNA 310R$129,000.004935US-FLN79SD310R1811