The Cessna 337 is a personal use aircraft that was introduced in 1962. Just under 3000 were built of all variants of the Skymaster. The very first Skymaster was the 336. This aircraft features a fixed landing gear. Only 195 were manufactured from 1963 to 1964. The larger and more powerful 337 Super Skymaster were then introduced in 1965. Then, in 1996 the T337 was introduced which was turbocharged. Following this, the P337G was a pressurized model produced in 1973. Over 500 military versions of the O-2 were produced in addition to the civil utility models. The Cessna 337D is a 6 is a 6 person airplane with twin Continental IO-360-C engines which are air cooled and produce 210 horsepower each. The maximum speed is 199mph, while the cruise speed is 144mph. This aircraft is faster than the inventory of cessna172 for sale. The service ceiling of this variant is 19500 feet, while the climb rate is 1200 feet per minute. The maximum take off weight of the aircraft is 4400lb, and the empty weight is 2655lb. The Skymaster is unique amongst twin engine planes as if one engine fails, it will not yaw into the dead engine - it has a fuselage that is a pod-style and the engines are mounted in the rear and the nose. Our inventory of Cessna 337 Skymaster for sale is the best you'll come across. View our current list of aircraft for sale below.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1967 Cessna Skymaster 337B - $89,500.00$89,500.002224US-SC
1967 Cessna Skymaster T-337B - $99,500 Offer$99,500 Offer3955US-SC
1967 Cessna 337 - InquireInquire4160US-SC
1967 CESSNA 337B - $52,500.00$52,500.002830US-SC
1968 CESSNA TURBO 337C SKYMASTER - $49,500.00$49,500.001666US-SCN922EJ
1968 CESSNA 337C SKYMASTER - $55,500.00$55,500.002645US-SC
1968 CESSNA 337C SKYMASTER - $57,500.00$57,500.002800US-SC
1970 Cessna Skymaster 337E - $45,500.00$45,500.001915US-SC
1971 CESSNA 337 - $79,000.00$79,000.002443US-FL337D337-0306
1973 CESSNA P337 - $95,000.00$95,000.003000US-VAN337RRP3370116
1974 CESSNA P337G - $115,500.00$115,500.003885US-SCN9SE
1975 CESSNA P337G - $44,500.00$44,500.002834US-SCN79PW
1978 CESSNA P337H - InquireInquire2427US-FLN374DNP337-0326
1978 Cessna 337H Pressurized - $69,000.00$69,000.002650US-SC
1979 RILEY SUPER ROCKET P337 - InquireInquire2450US-SC