The Cessna 340 has a dual piston engine and is a pressurized aircraft. The manufacturer is Cessna and the 340’s first flight was in 1970. Cessna brought the 340 to the market in 1971 and it was continuously built through 1984. There were 1351 aircraft built between these thirteen years. This aircraft was built after the successful development of the 310. This aircraft is a six seat plane with four passengers. The plane has a retractable landing gear and is powered by dual turbocharged Continental engines. Some of the main selling points of this aircraft were the fact that it was pressurized along with its spacious cabin. The lengths of these Planes for sale are thirty four feet and have a wing span of thirty eight feet. The planes empty weight is 3,921 pounds and has a maximum take of weight of 5,990 pounds. The Cessna 340 for sale below has a maximum speed of 279 mph. If you’re in the aviation market and looking for quality Cessna 340 for sale, please have a look at our inventory below.

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Cessna 340 Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1972 CESSNA 340$149,000.003970US-VAN340NG340-0042
1973 Cessna 340A$160,000.005160CA-ABC-GRFL340-0192
1976 Cessna 340 Ram A$275,000.007887US-TN
1979 Cessna 340A$329,000.005460US-ILN98MM340A0639
1979 Cessna 340A RAM VI$139,000.0011000-WIN4599F3400652
1979 CESSNA 340A$200,000.003438CA-ABC-FGZQ340A0670
1979 CESSNA 340A$245,000.003443US-FLN2744B
1980 CESSNA 340AInquire5564US-ORN91053340A1039
1980 CESSNA 340A $219,000.005315US-NJ N4604N 340A1016
1980 Cessna 340 Ram Series IV $119,900.002620US-OHN711YL
1982 Cessna 340A RAM VII$350,000.003176CA-ABC-GBDI340A-1504
1982 Cessna 340A$395,000.001306US-OHN7067W
1982 CESSNA 340A$252,000.005775US-KSN25TA340A-1538
1984 CESSNA 340A$299,900.004550US-CAN128MC