The Cessna 400 was manufactured by Cessna in 2004 and is still in current production. The Cessna 400 was first built my Columbia Aircraft as the Columbia 400. This aircraft is a single engine plane with a low wing and fixed landing gear. The engines power plant it a turbocharged Continental TSIO-550-c and it has three hundred ten horsepower. This aircraft was built with a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit and also has an optional ice protection system. The ice protection system was known as the E-Vade. The wing tips were designed with heat conducting graphite foil. The system was easily activated by a simple switch which sends electrical power to the foil. The Cessna 400 maximum takeoff weight is 3,600 pounds and max landing weight is 3,420 pounds. This aircraft had a few variants such as the Columbia 300,350, and 400. The Cessna 400 used a crew of one and had a capacity of three passengers. It’s wingspan stretches thirty six feet and its length is twenty five feet. If you’re in the market for a Columbia Cessna 400 for sale, we have an inventory that will suit your needs. Please take a look at our Cessna Columbia 300, 350, 400 for sale below.

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
2002 COLUMBIA 300Inquire1045US-TXN144AE40042
2004 COLUMBIA 400$249,000.001330US-CAN51GK41042
2005 Columbia 3501390US-FLN2517X42081
2007 Columbia 400Inquire1175US-NCN921GB41759
2007 Cessna 400 SL Inquire929US-TXN162CA 41772
2007 Columbia 400SL$299,000.00564US-NEN1537R41778
2007 Cessna 400 SLInquire98US-TXN1362T 41789
2007 Cessna 400 SLX Inquire574US-TXN1997 41795
2008 Cessna 400 SL Inquire660US-TXN440TM 411028
2008 Cessna 400 SL Inquire514US-TXN1282M 411083
2008 Cessna 400 SL Inquire706US-TXN5195L 411015
2009 CESSNA 400$410,000.00685US-NVN581GL411129
2009 CESSNA 350$349,000.00491US-IL317TD421016