The Diamond DA40 is a single engine light aircraft that seats four people. It has a composite construction and is the 4-seat variant of Diamond's DA20. Built in both Canada and Austria, the DA40 has been produced in three versions: DA40, DA40D and DA40F. The DA40-180, which is what the DA40 was first labeled as, was the first build and used a Textron Lycoming IO-360 M1A fuel injected engine. The DA40-180 was replaced in 2006 by the FP and XL models. The XL was a replacement for the constant speed propeller variant and the FP was a replacement for the fixed propeller DA40. Both of these later variants have a higher maximum cruise speed than the original 180. The XL utilizes a Power flow exhaust system, which is the main reason for its increased speed. The 2007 Diamond DA40 XL Star has a loaded weight of 1755lb, and a maximum take-off weight of 2645lb. The 4 cylinder Lycoming piston engine produces 180hp and the aircraft has a cruise speed of 150 knots. The rate of climb is 1120ft per minute. The plane uses approximately 9.2 gallons per hour of Avgas. See below for our current listing of Diamond DA40 XLS and Diamond DA40 for sale now. We also have an inventory of Quest Zodiak for sale as well.

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Diamond DA40 Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
2003 DIAMOND DA40-180 STAR$110,000.002198US-AZN806ER40.317
2005 Diamond Star DA40$149,000.001307-INN388MA40.522
2006 DIAMOND DA40-180 STAR G1000,GDL 69 WEATHER500US-MIN646DS40.606
2006 Diamond DA40$172,000.00967-NCN531DS40.631
2007 DA-40 XL G1000 LOW TIME AIRFRAME238US-OHN799DS40.799
2009 Diamond DA40 XLS$160,000.001120-KYN313AFN/A
2011 Diamond DA40 XLS425US-FLN447CL40.1114
2012 DIAMOND DA-40 XLS 150US-NVN248DS40.1118
2014 Diamond DA40 XLT195US-FLN450DS40.1193
2016 Diamond DA40 Tundra0US-FL
2016 Diamond DA40 NG0US-FLTBDTBD