The Piper PA-28 Cherokee is a single engine aircraft and is powered by a piston engine. Some of the first Piper Cherokees were the 150 and 160 designs and were first produced in 1961. The Piper Cherokee model number is a reference to the engines horsepower unless otherwise stated. In 1962 Piper Aircraft introduced the Piper Cherokee 180. The PA-28 series main competitors are the Cessna 172, Beechcraft Musketeer, and the Grumman American AA-5 series. This is still a very popular model in the used aircraft market. The PA 28 is powered by a Lycoming 0-360 engine. It has low mounted wings along with tricycle landing gear. The Pipe Cherokee’s extra horsepower made it very useful for flying with all four seats filled. The Piper’s gross weight is 2,400 pounds and was first certified on August 3rd 1962. Piper Aircraft made many variants to the PA-28 series. If you’re in the market for a Piper Cherokee you’ve come to the right place. Please take a look at our Piper Cherokee inventory below.

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Piper Cherokee Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1963 PIPER CHEROKEE 180$33,500.005400US-NCN7185W
1964 Piper Cherokee 235$46,000.003656-ARN/AN/A
1964 Piper Cherokee 235$57,500.004694US-NVN8675W28-10205
1965 Piper Cherokee 180$39,950.002830US-NVN8929J28-2947
1966 PIPER CHEROKEE 140$24,500.003357US-FLN9680W28-23149
1966 Piper Cherokee 140$18,000.006089-GAN4163JN/A
1966 PIPER CHEROKEE 235$32,000.002500US-FLN8974W28-10811
1966 Piper Cherokee 180$39,500.004030US-CAN9137J28-3190
1967 PIPER CHEROKEE 140/150$21,500.000US-OHN9545W
1967 PIPER CHEROKEE 180$29,500.002850US-CAN9964W28-23511
1967 PIPER CHEROKEE 140$25,978.005573CA-ABC-FEAH2822595
1968 Piper Cherokee 235$57,500.002925-KSN555GM28-11010
1968 Piper Cherokee 140$42,500.003781US-NVN482AS28-25252
1968 PIPER CHEROKEE 180$44,000.003851US-WVN7738N
1968 PIPER CHEROKEE 235$55,000.003000CA-ABC-GPIX28-11124
1969 PIPER CHEROKEE 180 - 5200 TT (sold)$29,500.005200US-NJN2142R28-5469
1969 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140 MANY UPGRADES$25,000.004310US-PAN3059F28-25760
1969 PIPER CHEROKEE 140$30,000.004464CA-ABC-GQOJ28-26275
1971 PA 28-140 CHEROKEE$22,900.005116US-FLN505FL28-7125325
1971 Piper Cherokee 140$30,500.005934US-NCN450FLN/A
1972 PIPER CHEROKEE 140$29,900.002318US-FLN1870T
1973 PIPER CHEROKEE 180 $42,700.002750US-FL N788DS 28-730547
1982 Piper Cherokee PA-28-161$59,500.0010085US-TXN8344V 28-8316035