The original Piper arrow was known as the Piper PA-28 Cherokee. The very first PA-28 was all metal and not pressurized. They were single engine aircraft and piston powered. They were manufactured with a low wing design and also built with a tricycle landing gear. The Piper arrow and Piper turbo models are designed with single doors located on the copilot side. The current Piper models still being manufactured by Piper Aircraft are the Piper Arrow and the Archer TX and LX. Piper recently discontinued the Piper Archer as of 2009. The Piper Arrow is a four seat plane with a retractable landing gear. It’s powered by a Lycoming IO-360 B1E that has 180 horsepower. Its gross weight is 2,500lbs and was certified on June 8th 1967. The Piper Turbo was also built with a retractable landing gear and is powered by a two hundred horsepower turbo charged Lycoming engine. The Cessna 172 is an aircraft with comparable roles, configuration, and era. If you’re looking to purchase a new Piper arrow or Piper Turbo for sale, please take a look at our Piper Arrow for sale below.

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Piper Cherokee Arrow Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1968 PIPER ARROW PA-28R-180 IFR GPS$36,900.003971US-PAN500DP28R-30391
1974 PIPER ARROW II$69,900.004134US-FLN99YP28r-7435322
1975 Piper PA-28-200 Arrow III$59,500.004091US-CAN1430X 28R-7535279
1976 PIPER ARROW II$66,000.004300US-CAN7527828R-7635288
1977 PIPER TURBO ARROW III$84,900.004325US-CON4772628R-7803005
1978 Piper Turbo Arrow III$79,950.005000US-NVN6140H
1978 Piper Arrow III Turbo$95,000.004020US-AZN6071H28R-7803085
1979 PIPER TURBO ARROW IV$79,000.002840US-ILN83ED28R-7931279
1979 PIPER ARROW IV$74,500.000US-WVN2962W
1980 PIPER ARROW IV$58,700.006480US-OHN80ML
1980 PIPER TURBO ARROW IV$107,500.001493US-TXN8164528R-8031071
1981 Piper Turbo Arrow IV$109,500.003000US-OKN8448C28R8231003