The Cherokee six also known as the Piper Cherokee 6 is manufactured by Piper Aircraft. Its first flight was on December 6th 1963. Piper brought the aircraft to the aviation market in 1965 and built over 7,800 plus aircraft. They ended production in 2007 after forty two years in the making. The Cherokee six was originally built with a 260 horsepower engine and was later modified in the PA-28. The Cherokee six featured a baggage compartment in the nose between the engine compartment and cockpit. This aircraft was manufactured with a good size double door and it made very simple to load passengers along with cargo. There were roughly sixteen variants of the PA-32. The Cherokee 6 used a crew of one and had a capacity of five with an optional sixth person. The aircraft length was 27.7 feet with a wing span of 32.8 feet. The Piper Cherokee six cruising speed in 168 mph and had a maximum speed of 174 mph. We have a nice inventory of Piper Cherokee for sale. If you’re in the market for a Cherokee six for sale, please check us out!

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Piper Cherokee Six Aircraft for Sale

Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1969 Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee 6/260 $79,500.004741US-NCN469BK 32-1156
1965 Cherokee 6-260$85,000.003100-VAN/AN/A
1966 PIPER CHEROKEE 6/260$54,900.007070CA-ABC-GZCJ
1966 Piper Cherokee 6$49,000 OBO6000-MDN3808W32-737
1967 PIPER CHEROKEE 6/300$74,000.005559US-NVN4001R
1969 PIPER CHEROKEE 6/300$85,000.004313US-ILN37MV
1971 Piper Cherokee Six PA-32-300Inquire3324US-VAN4334T32-7240054
1971 Piper Cherokee Six $81,000.003340US-GA32-7100007
1972 Piper Cherokee 6-260$69,900.004035US-NEN1489T32-7200042
1976 Cherokee Six-300$95,500.005055US-FLN4376X32-7640017
1977 PIPER CHEROKEE SIX 300 NEW ENGINE,PROP PAINT$139,900.004016US-PAN3441Q32-7740063
1978 PIPER CHEROKEE 6/300$87,500.004435US-NYN3800M32-7840073
1979 Piper Cherokee 6-300$147,900.003628US-MDN42CJ