The Robin R-2160 is an aerobatic monoplane which is all metal and of low wing design with a Lycoming O320D engine that generates 160hp. In addition to the aerobatic version, there are two other versions. The R120T is non-aerobatic and has 120hp of power, while there's also a fuel injected variant, the R160Ai. Pierre Robin is the designer of the aircraft and Apex Aircraft is the original manufacturer, however Alpha Aviation in New Zealand now has the type certificate and has been manufacturing the aircraft since July 2006. The R-2160 is a two seat aerobatic trainer with stick controls (dual) plus the bubble canopy desired for this type of flying. With a rating of -3g to +6g, it is suited to almost all levels of aerobatics. The wingspan of the Robin R-2160 is 8.33 meters and the length of the plane is 7.1 meters. It is capable of a maximum speed of 138kt or 257 km/h. The initial climb rate is 1025 feet per minute. When empty, the plane weighs only 1213lb, and it has a maximum take off weight of 1765lb. With a full tank of fuel, the aircraft can travel 795km. Our inventory of Robin aircraft including the Robin R-2160 for sale can viewed below.


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