The Cessna 150 is used mainly for flight training and personal use. The first flight for the Cessna 150 was on September 12th, 1957. The Cessna 150 was introduced to the aviation market in 1958 and lasted through 1977. There was roughly almost 24,000 Cessna’s built during this time frame. The Cessna 150 is a two seat aircraft and has a tricycle landing gear like our Cessna 172 for sale for sale. One of the variants from the original Cessna 150 was the Cessna Aerobat. The Cessna 150 Aerobat had roughly 100 horsepower and it had a top speed of 109 knots. The Cessna Aerobat had a cruising speed of 106 knots and a dirty stall speed of 42 knots. We also carry Cessna 152 for sale. The Cessna 152 is also a two seat plane with a tricycle landing gear. This aircraft was introduced to the market in 1977 and was built through 1985. There were roughly 7,584 Cessna 152 ever built. This model was developed directly after the Cessna 150. The Cessna 152 had a slight larger power plant than the 150. It was powered by a Lycoming O-235 engine that had a 110 horsepower. This airplane was constructed of all metal and the wing tips were reinforced with a glass reinforced plastic. We have a nice selection of Cessna 150 for sale as well as the Cessna Aerobat for sale. Please take a look at our Cessna 150/152 inventory below.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1966 Cessna C150 - $22,500.00$22,500.003800US-OK
1976 Cessna 150M - $26,500.00$26,500.005250US-NCN7887U15077855
1976 Cessna 150M - $23,500.00$23,500.003544US-TX
1981 CESSNA 152 - $25,000.00$25,000.0012675CA-