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Aircraft For Sale by AircraftMerchants, LLC
Description PriceState Country Reg. No. Serial No.
2006 Liberty XL2Seventy four thousand five hundred dollarsNCUSN527XL0022
2002 Cessna 182T SkylaneTwo hundred nineteen thousand dollarsNCUSN5169218281086
1984 Piper Navajo Mojave PA-31P-350$239,000.00NCUSN200CX31P-8414042
1983 Cessna 182R Skylane II with Air Plains 300 HPone hundredthirty nine thousand five huNCUSN5490E18268327
1980 Cessna P210 Pressurized Centuriontwo hundred and twenty four thousand ninNCUSN6399KP21000397
1979 Piper PA-38-112 TomahawkThirty four thousand five hundred dollarsNCUSN537N38-79A0428
1976 Cesna 177BSevety four thousand five hundred dollarsNCUSN1982417702605
1976 Cessna 150MTwenty seven thousand five hundred dollarsNCUSN7887U15077855
1975 Rockwell 112A CommanderSeventy nine thousand five hundred dollarsNCUSN1418J418
1975 Piper PA-31-310 Navajo COne hundred forty seven thousand five hundredNCUSN334RB31-7612019
1974 Cessna 421B Golden EagleOne hundred and eighty nine thousand dollarsNCUSN35FS421B0831
Piper PA-24-260 Comancheone hundred fourteen thousand nine hundred dollarsNCUSN9476P24-4988
1968 Piper PA-31-310 Navajo Jump Plane$159,000.00NCUSN420WWPA31-260
1952 Piper PA-22-135 Tri PacerTwenty three thousand five hundred dollarsNCUSN2431A22-787
1948 Piper PA-15 Vagabond$59,900.00NCUSN4309H15-94
1947 Republic RC-3 SeabeeOne hundred and nineteen thousand five hNCUSN6386K615
1939 Stinson HW75 '105'$28,500.00NCUSN999927195