Express Jets
Corporate Office
4 Dominion Drive, Bldg 3, Ste 200
San Antonio TX 78257
Cell Phone: 512.818.1150

Express Jets is an internationally recognized leader in the aviation industry with an impeccable reputation for service.

Express Jets specializes in:

Sales, Acquisitions, Management of corporate jet aircraft and provides Consulting, Leasing, and Financing services.

Express Jets has highly qualified personnel with extensive hands-on operational, management, and marketing backgrounds as well as a commitment to success. Express Jets provides an excellent partner to assist you with all of your comprehensive aviation needs.

Aircraft For Sale by Express Jets
Description PriceState Country Reg. No. Serial No.
2017 Cirrus Vision SF50 JetInquireMNUSPosition #151
2015 Learjet 75InquireMSUSN918BD45-518
2014 Learjet 75InquireTXUS
2014 Cessna Citation Sovereign+InquireOKUSN671MD680-0524
2011 Learjet 45XRInquireTXUSN618CW430
2010 Super King Air B200GTInquireTXUSN713GDBY-107
2009 Cessna Citation CJ1+InquireTXUSN101LD525-0689
2008 Gulfstream G150InquireTXUSN901SS254
2008 Pilatus PC-12NGInquireTXUSN138JR1067
2007 Beechcraft Baron G58InquireSCUSN58GLTH-2176
2005 Cessna Citation BravoInquireTXUSN332MT550B-1105
2004 LEARJET45XR$3,695,000.00TXUSN556CG237
2003 Cessna Citation BravoInquireTXUSN510JC550B-1046
2003 Piper 6XTInquireTXUSN5369J3255013
1999 Hawker 800XP$1,777,000.00NEUSN800XM258414
1999 Dassault Falcon 50EX$3,950,000.00TXUSN900SS284
1997 Cessna Citation Jet InquireFLUSN741CC525-0227
1996 Citation JetInquireTNUSN525JW525-0162
1994 Cessna Citation JetInquireMIUSN851DB525-0054
1994 Cessna Citation VInquireTXUSN8996560-0252
1983 Cessna Citation ISPInquireTNUSN50BB501-0323
1981 Cessna Citation ISPInquireTXUSN100LX501-0220
1979 Cessna 414A$389,500.00TNUSN471MA414A-0279
1978 Cessna 421C Golden Eagle$279,800.00TNUSN378K421C-0499
1976 Cessna T210M$119,500.00TNUSN732MM21061620
1973 Citation 500 SP LWInquireTNUSN500SK500-0129