Carolina Aircraft, Inc.
109 Kelvdon Drive
Kernersville NC 27284
Cell Phone: 336-926-0829

Carolina Aircraft, Inc., established in 1991, specializes in the sale, brokerage, and acquisition of Prime Condition airplanes. We buy, sell, and broker a wide variety of aircraft but are renowned for our expertise in BEECHCRAFT AIRPLANES, (Bonanzas, Barons, King Airs, and Beechjets). We are also very active in the Cessna Citation jet market.

Carolina Aircraft, Inc. is home of The Bonanza Man, George Johnson. Whether you are buying from our current inventory or looking for a particular model, we can assist you in obtaining the Best Airplane for your money.

Aircraft For Sale by Carolina Aircraft, Inc.
Description PriceState Country Reg. No. Serial No.
2007 BEECHCRAFT G58 BARON$739,000.00NCUSN219CMTH-2195
2001 BEECHCRAFT A36 BONANZA$369,000.00NCUSN912ME-3379
1998 BEECHCRAFT 58 BARON$465,000.00NCUSN167TRTH-1849
1990 BEECHCRAFT F33A BONANZA$205,000.00NCUSN303LDCE-1462
1979 BEECHCRAFT A36 BONANZA$185,000.00NCUSN36SEE-1551
1978 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON$159,000.00NCUSN9058STC-2161
1978 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON$139,000.00NCUSN4999MTC-2143
1977 BEECHCRAFT B55 BARON$149,000.00NCUSN505KBTC-2004
1975 BEECHCRAFT E55 BARON$205,000.00NCUSN26JJTE-1058
1967 BEECHCRAFT V35TC BONANZA$85,000.00NCUSN6264VD-8596