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2021 Avocet AV24

Reg # N72SV


  • 2021 Avocet AV24 Photo 2


The Avocet AV24 is the first aircraft in Avocet’s clean-sheet design program created for better dynamic stability, increased control, and lower drag. Design iterations were coordinated with engineers from aerospace industry leaders, including NASA, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works and McDonnell Douglas Boeing. The design work is completed, including the finite element analysis for the airframe and computational fluid dynamics for the aerodynamic design. Manufacturing starts the third week in February, 2021. The first kits will be available approximately nine months after manufacturing begins.
*Faster, with better flying characteristics
*The AV24 can be built in two weeks in our builder’s program
*Comfortable cabin
*Aerobatic, modern, composite aircraft
*Total load capacity is 730 lbs for pilot, passenger, fuel, and baggage

Total Time: 20

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