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Aircraft Summary
Absolutely beautiful and prestine C90GTx. Professionally flown and maintained. All maintenence work performed at Beechcraft Service Center. Hangared at Dulles Jet Center, a premier FBO in Sterling, VA. The King Air C90GTx is a twin turboprop engine executive aircraft utilizing an all metal frame. The aircraft has provisions for up to six passengers and their baggage plus a crew of two. The aircraft is certified for single pilot operation.

Entry in Service - 2014
Total Time - 384.8 Hours
Total Landings - 217 Landings
Maintenance Tracking - Yes, CAMP

Pratt and Whitney PT6A-135A reverse flow, free turbine engines (flat rated 550 hp).
Hartzell four blade, aluminum alloy, 90” diameter, dynamically balanced, constant speed propeller with polished spinners.
Automatic feathering system and Synchrophaser. Dynamic propeller balance test plug.
Fuel crossfeed system.
Engine driven fuel pumps.
Submerged electric fuel boost pumps. Electric fuel transfer pumps.
Fuel control units.
Auto ignition system.
Primary (fuel topping) propeller governors. Overspeed propeller governors. Automatic fuel heater system.
Bleed air vacuum system.
Magnetic chip detector.
EPA fuel purge system.
Engine anti-icing system.
Exhaust heated engine inlet. Engine oil pressure warning lights.

Prop Specs:
Powerplants are two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A- 135A turboprop engines with Hartzell four blade propellers and mounted in a nacelle on the center wing.
The standard flight instrument installation in the King Air C90GTx is the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics system. The system features an Integrated Avionics Processor System (IAPS), Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Engine Indicating System (EIS), Air Data System (ADS), Attitude Heading System (AHS), Automatic Flight Guidance System (AFGS), Flight Management System (FMS), Weather Radar System (WXR) and a complete set of navigation and communication radios.
The avionics package includes the following radio systems:
• Dual Rockwell Collins VHF-4000 VHF Communication Transceivers that operate in the 118.00 to 136.975 MHz frequency range in 8.33 KHz spacing increments. Tuning through CDU or RTU. The VHF-4000 radios meet ICAO Annex 10 FM Immunity requirements.
•Single Rockwell Collins NAV-4000 Navigation Receiver integrates VOR/LOC/Glideslope/ADF/ Marker Beacon functions. Tuning through CDU or RTU. The ADF has a frequency reception range from 190 to 1799.5, 2088 to 2094 and 2179 to 2185 KHz (selectable in 500 Hz increments).
•Single Rockwell Collins NAV-4500 Navigation Receiver integrates VOR/LOC/Glideslope/Marker Beacon functions. Tuning through CDU or RTU. The NAV-4000 series radios meet ICAO Annex 10 FM Immunity requirements.
• Single RTU-4200 Comm/Nav Tuning Unit installed in the panel provides primary tuning capability for the Comm and Nav radios. Utilizing the RTU-4200, the number one Comm can be operated while on the ground without turning on the master power switch (to obtain ATIS information and ATC clearances). All of the radio equipment can also be controlled through keyboard operation on the CDU-3000.
• Dual Rockwell Collins TDR-94D solid-state (Mode S) ‘Diversity’ Transponders with enhanced surveillance (Flight ID).
•Single Rockwell Collins DME-4000 Distance Measuring Equipment (DME). This unit is able to simultaneously interrogate three DME stations.
• Single Rockwell Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter. The ALT-4000 is a solid-state radio altimeter that provides altitude information from 0 to 2,500 feet (762 m) AGL.
• Single GPS 4000S Global Positioning System (GPS). The GPS-4000 sensor processes the transmissions of up to twelve GPS satellites simultaneously and calculates navigation solutions based on information from all satellites in view. The computed position, velocity and time are input to the Flight Management System that integrates this data into the flight plan based navigation solution
Audio System
• dB SystemsTM - Dual (remote-mounted amplifiers) Model 700 / Dual Model 800 (panel mounted) Audio Systems
Features dual auto COMM and audio switches, crew interphone, dual cockpit speakers, microphone key button on pilot and copilot control wheels, dual hand- held microphones, dual boom microphone headsets, voice and ident filters.
Weather Radar System (WXR)
• Rockwell Collins TWR-850 Weather Radar
The Rockwell Collins TWR-850 Weather Radar is a four color, 6 range weather radar designed to interface with the EFIS, Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD). The radar features ± 15 degrees of antenna tilt (12 in. diameter antenna), 14 scans of 120 degrees per minute. Color weather depictions clearly identify the intensity and level of targets in any mode of operation. The Collins TWR-850 Turbulence Weather Radar incorporates the Doppler principle of frequency shift to detect and display precipitation-related turbulence (up to a 50 nm range). It also features an auto-tilt function target alert mode.
The King Air C90GTx offers a large and spacious 227 cubic foot (6.43 cu.m) cabin providing comfortable passenger seating. The cabin dimension from the floor to the ceiling is 4 ft 9 in. (1.45 m). Cabin width is 4 ft6 in. (1.37 m). The length of the cabin is 12 ft 7 in. (3.84 m). At the rear of the passenger compartment is a lavatory with pull across curtain for privacy.
The cabin gives King Air C90GTx passengers a feeling of spaciousness and offers conversation areas similar to an office setting.
The passenger seats are large and luxurious. Each seat is equipped with fore and aft travel, swivel and reclining capability. An armrest that can be raised or lowered is built into the inboard side of the seat. The seat controls are located in the armrest. New tailoring provides additional lumbar support and integrated headrest.
Cabinetry in the standard aircraft consists of a cabinet on the forward left side of the cabin with two general stowage drawers and ice chest drawer and a forward right side cabinet with water tank, one gallon heated liquid container, cup dispenser, condiment drawer and overboard drain.
Executive writing tables are provided in the club seating area on both the left and right side of the cabin and stow in the sidewall panels.

Headliner.....Grey Lustre Stretchcrepe
Sidewall Inset Panel.....Griege leather
Sidewall Rail.....Dover Wool Parquet fabric
Sidewall Armrest.....Griege leather
Cabin Sidewall.....Griege leather
Cockpit Sidewall.....Griege leather
Floor Covering.....Latte Frieze carpet
Laminate.....Premier Ebony
Chairs.....Griege leather
Seat Belts/Harness.....Desert
Instrument Panel.....Nextel-Suede: Dark Anthracite
Paint Design.....11Demo-IDV-C90GTX Modified
#1 Color (Overall).....Matterhorn White
#2 Color.....Black
#3 Color.....Toreador Red
Inspection Status:
Current with all CAMP reports

OTD Aviation
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