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Inactive Ad

The ad you requested is no longer active, however you may be interested in some of the following Boeing Stearman ads:

1941 Boeing Stearman PT-13D / E-75 for sale -

Reg. #: N317PT

TT: 322

Airframe: 111 Hrs since Restoration Props: McCauley Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..

Platinum Fighter Sales




1942 BOEING/STEARMAN E75 for sale -
Beautiful well kept Boeing Stearman. Live the dream! There is something about these older aircraft that makes you want to smile. This aircraft takes you back to the freedom of flying in the early days. Feel the wind through your hair as you take to the sky and hear the low rumble of a powerful upgraded Wasp Jr. radial engine. Please contact us to learn more about this vintage, wonderful aircraf......more.

Raven Aircraft Sales

1985 Boeing/Pete Jones Model 75 (PT-17) Stearman for sale -

Reg. #: N3993Y

TT: 345

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