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2013 Challenger 605

Serial Number 5942    N4868

Airframe:         2,153.9 Hours                              1,192 Landings

Date of Manufacture (Canadian CofA):            May 14, 2013
Date of Manufacture (U.S./FAA CofA):             Nov. 8, 2013
Entry into Service:                                             Nov. 8, 2013  

Engines:   General Electric  CF34-3B                                                                Enrolled on GE OnPoint    

Left:     S/N  801233                          2,153.9 Hours                      1,204 Cycles                      On Condition
Right:   S/N  801236                         2,153.9 Hours                      1,204 Cycles                      On Condition

APU:  Honeywell GTCP36-150 (CL)          1,456 Hours                                              Enrolled on MSP


Collins ProLine 21 Advanced Avionics w/ 4 LCD Screens
Flight Director:              Dual Collins ProLine 21 Flight Directors
FMS:                            Triple Collins FMS MC-6000 w/ 3D Map and LRC and SBAS/LPV
OBL:                            Collins On Board Data Loader
VHF:                            Triple Collins VHF 4000 Comm System w/ 8.33 KHz
HF:                               Dual HF-9031A Collins HF w/ SELCAL
NAV:                            Dual Collins NAV 4000 Units w/ FM Immunity
ADC:                            Dual Collins ADC-850E Air Data Computers
DCU                             Dual DCU Data Concentrator Units
EICAS                          Engine Instrument/Crew Alerting System
ADF:                            Dual Collins Automatic Direction Finders
DME:                            Dual Collins DME 4001Xponders:                     Dual CollinsTDR-94D Mode S Transponders
GPS:                            Dual Collins GPS  w/WAAS
HF Comm:                    Dual Collins HF9031A  
Radio Altimeter:            Dual Collins ALT 4000
IRS:                              Triple Collins LASEREF IRS
EFIS:                            Collins EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
SELCAL:                      CSD-714 SELCAL
Color Weather Radar:    Collins RTA-854 or Collins WXR-854 w/ LDS Color Weather Radar
Data Link                      Data Link System w/ Link 2000+ and Universal Weather
ISIS:                             Thales Integrated Stand-by Instrument System
Lightning Detection:       LC Communications WX-1000E
TCAS:                         Collins TTR-4000 TCAS II Change 7.1
IFIS:                             Collins Integrated Flight Information System
TAWS:                          Collins Terrain Awareness and Warning System
ADS:                            Collins Air Data System
FDR:                             Collins Flight Data Recorder
CVR:                             Collins Cockpit Voice Recorder
MDC:                            Collins Maintenance Data Compu

Additional Equipment:

Over $2.5M in Options When Ordered New

Pro Line 21 Advanced Upgrade (SB 605-34-019)
ADS-B Out v2 (DO-260B) (SB 605-34-030)
FANS Installed (SB 605-23-008)
Iridium SATCOM Installed (SB 605-23-011)
FMS - Installation of Long-Range Cruise (SB 605-34-032)
Data Link System w/ Link 2000+ & Universal Weather (SB 605-23-002, 605-23-007, & 605-23-013)
3rd VHF Meets Link 2000+ Certification Requirement (SB 605-23-012)
Runway Awareness Advisory System (RAAS) (SB 605-34-022)
Universal Graphical Weather on MFD (SB 605-46-002)
Aircell ATG-5000 Gogo Biz® Hi-Speed Internet Service w/ Talk & Text
RVSM, NPS, RNP10 Capable
FMS RNP Mod Installed (SB 605-34-021)
Enhanced Vision System Installed (SB 605-34-031)
Head-Up Display (HUD)
2nd Radio Altimeter Data Link w/ Weather Maps Voice Check List (SB 605-34-005)
Baggage Shelf – Two Pull-out Work Surfaces in Galley
ICG ICS-220A Iridium Communications System
Artex C-406N ELT System
LPV – Pilot Awareness & Enhanced Productivity Package
QAR – Avionic Quick Access Recorder (QAR)
3M Erosion Boots on-Winglets & Flap Canoe Fairings
Jump Seat
Synthetic Vision System (SB 605-34-020)
Multiscan Weather Radar (SB 605-34-023)
XM Graphical Weather (Part A and B) (SB 605-46-003)
CVR - Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) (SB 605-23-006)
CVR/FDR meet FAR 135 Requirements (SB 605-31-006)
FDR w/ FAR 135 Enhancement Package (SB 605-31-001)
Flap On-Board Recorder (FOBR) (SB 605-27-006)
Take Off Safety Enhancement (TOSE) (SB 605-30-001)



Aircraft is enrolled in Smart Parts
Operated and Maintained Part 135
-Purchase Inspection c/w February 2017 at Bombardier’s Hartford Service Centre - Windsor Locks, CT
48 Month Inspection c/w November 2017 at Bombardier’s Hartford Service Centre - Windsor Locks, CT


Cabin Equipment:

Airshow ASX w/ Worldwide Maps
22” LCD Monitors Forward & Aft Bulkheads
Forward & Aft Cabin Pocket Doors
Iridium Telephone System
Dual Blue Ray DVD/CD/MP3 Player
Three 115V 60Hz Universal Outlets
Entry Area Acoustical Curtain


10 passenger, forward galley configuration.  The forward cabin features 4-place club seating with 2 bi-fold retractable executive tables and a 22” LCD monitor on the forward left bulkhead.  All cabin seats are covered in Townsend Leather Classic Cow Eggshell.  The aft cabin features a divan upholstered in Zimmer + Rohde Crescendo Andro, 2 opposing club chairs with an executive table between them, and a 22” LCD monitor on the right aft bulkhead.  The headliner is Tapis Pale Beige Ultraleather, carpeting is Scott Group, Parquet loop wool, and cabinetry and woodwork are Butternut Walnut.  The cabin is further complemented by Satin Almond gold brightwork.  The forward galley includes hi-temp oven, microwave oven and coffee maker.  Aft lavatory.


Overall Matterhorn White with Blue and Medium Gray stripes.

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