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1957 Cessna 175

Reg # N7608M


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Produced between 1958 and 1962, the Cessna 175 Skylark is a single-engine four-seat, high-wing aircraft. The capacity of the 175 is for one crew member and three passengers. Empty weight is 1339lb (607 kg) and maximum takeoff weight is 2350 lb (1066 kg). The maximum speed of the aircraft is 148 mph (238 km/h) and the rate of climb is 850 ft/min (4.32 m/s).

The 175 was designed to fill a niche between the Cessna 172 and the faster Cessna 182. The engine of the 175, a geared version of the O-300 used in the 172, is rated at 175 hp (130 kW), or 30 hp (22 kW) more than the 172 engine. Between 1958 and 1962, a total of 2,106 were built. The basic airplane was marketed as the 175, and the plane with a package of optional equipment and overall paint (a partial paint scheme was used on the basic model) was marketed as the Skylark.

Total Time:2996.3
Annual Due:August 2022
Number of Seats:4

Cont Motor G 300 series
175 HP
Overhaul (HT):
1,200 Hrs
Years before overhaul:
1 x 175 HP
Best Cruise Speed:
121 KIAS
Best Range (i):
593 NM
Fuel Burn @ 75%:
10.5 GPH
Stall Speed:
Rate of climb:
850 FPM
15,900 FT
Takeoff distance:
735 FT
Landing distance:
590 FT
Takeoff distance over 50ft obstacle:
1,340 FT
Landing distance over 50ft obstacle:
1,155 FT


GNS 430, GI 255, Bendix King Transponder


The Cessna 175 had an all metal airframe, constructed of aluminum alloy. The 175 has tricycle landing gear with the main gear legs made of spring steel. The 175 also has a steerable nosewheel connected through an oleo strut used for shock absorption. With exterior skin sheets riveted to formers and longerons the fuselage is a semi-monocoque structure. The 175’s strut-braced wings are constructed of exterior skin sheets riveted to spars and ribs.

Gross Weight: 2,350 LBS
Empty Weight: 1,312 LBS
Fuel capacity: 52 GAL


The interior is in good condition with little aging or defects.

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