1983 Cessna 185F Skywagon










Cessna 180/185

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Skywagons.com, LLC
3501 Airport Road, Bldg 2
Placerville CA 95667
Alternate Phone: (530) 642-2806
Aircraft Summary

Airframe Time: 10,159 Hours Total Time
Engine Time: 187 Hours SFREM on IO520D, 300 HP, (2002)
Propeller Time: 465 Hours on McCauley C403 three blade

Annual Due: February 2020
Useful Load: 1172 Lbs
King KMA 24 Audio Panel with 3LMB
King KX 165 Digital flip/flop 760 channel Nav/Com
King KCS 55A Slaved HSI
King KX 155 Digital flip/flop 760 channel Nav/Com
King KI 209 Glide Slope/VOR/Localizer indicator
King KT 76A Transponder with Mode C (KT 74 slide-in replacement for $2400 with give ADSB out)
King KLN 90B moving map GPS
S-Tec 50 Auto-pilot with Altitude hold
Remote three light marker beacon
Ryan TCAD Indicator
Fuel flow computer
Gem Insight color graphic engine monitor
Electronics International volt/amp gauge
Davtron M800 Digital Timer
PS Engineering PM1000 four place intercom
Two 24 volt outlets and two 12 volt outlets
Avionics master switch
Standby vacuum source
Emergency avionics power
Dual push-to-talk buttons
Dual remote transponder ID buttons
Remote auto-pilot controls on left yoke
Low voltage light
Additional Equipment
Factory float kit
Robertson STOL Kit with drooping ailerons
Stainless steel cables
RMD Wingtips with lights
Twin factory landing lights in nose
Lifting rings
84 gallons long range fuel
Factory zinc-chromate internal corrosion proofing
Bubble windows
Double window latches
Shoulder harnesses at all four seats
Dual articulating seats in front
Inertia-reel shoulder harness at pilot's seat
Factory extended baggage
High-backed quick removable split rear bench seat
Factory skylights in ceiling
Horizontal stabilizer abrasion boots
Tail mounted rotating beacon
850x6 main tires and Scott 3200 tailwheel
Cleveland wheels and brakes
"One piece" windshield
Soros air vents
Polished spinner
Brackett air filter
Micro-dynamics vortex generators
Tail-cone lift handles
Re-fuelling steps and handles
Stainless steel screw kit
Static wicks
Tailwheel lock
Rear fuselage jackscrew access panels
Tan utility interior with lighter colored headliner. Black carpet. Generally in good condition. Rated 8 out of 10.
Traditional California Highway Patrol (CHP) paint scheme. Overall white with a balck major accent and CHP Orange minor accent. Very official looking and in good condition. Rated 8 out of 10.
This was one of 23 Skywagons that the California CHP used to police the state before they were sold off surplus about 10 years ago and were replaced by new 206's. Excellent, no expense spared government maintenance. All of them were groundlooped at some time (Probably why they went to 206's) and anything they needed, they got. This plane was sold to a new owner in Atlanta when it was retired. That is where it has lived since it was in CA. It is now back in Placerville at Skywagons.com LLC. The ferry pilot that went to get it was the retired CHP officer that flew it 3000 plus hours as his work plane. See a few old photos from the wall of the restaurant in Auburn where it used to be based.

Skywagons.com, LLC
3501 Airport Road, Bldg 2
Placerville CA 95667
Alternate Phone: (530) 642-2806
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