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1956 Cessna 182 Skylane

Reg # N5719B


  • 1956 Cessna 182 Skylane Photo 2
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Airframe Time: 4770 Hours Total Time
Engine Time: 376 Hours SMOH Continental 0-470, 230 HP. Eagle engines in 2006.
Propeller Time: 385 Hours SPOH on McCauley C66 two blade

Annual Due: October 2021
Useful Load: 900 Lbs


Avionics com switch (No audio panel)
Apollo GX 65 LCD GPS/Com
King KY 97A Digital flip/flop LCD 760 channel Com
King 76A Transponder with Mode C
PS Engineering PM 3000 Intercom
Remote ELT arming panel
Analog clock/timer
EDM 700 six cylinder graphic engine monitor with fuel flow
Analog ampmeter/volt/oil gauges
Map lights
Dual yoke mounted push-to-talk buttons


Overall bright white with 75 Cessna 180 factory Scheme with very dark blue major and tan minor accents in good condition. Overall rated 8.5 out of 10.


Tan velour and vinyl seats, Tan carpet and headliner. Generally in good condition but with early signs of wear. Overall rated 7 out of 10.

Additional Equipment

Vertically opening right side parachute/cargo door
55 gallons fuel capacity
BAS Inertia reel shoulder harnesses
Baggage door
Hat shelf
Manual 40 degree flaps
Double puck Cleveland wheels and brakes
Tail mounted rotating beacon
Heated pitot tube
Metco aire speed wingtips
Large oil cooler
Stainless steel screw kit


This is a 182, not even a 182A. This is the first year of the 182 and is essentially a 180 (which had been in production for 4 years) with a nose wheel. The 56's had a very tall stance and are easily identifed for that. We owned this one about 15 years ago and sold it locally in California. Now we have bought it back and are offering it for sale again. These are great planes. Basically a 180 with a nosewheel and with all the flight performance to match. This plane has hail on it. It is not too bad on the thicker skins like the wings, but it is very visible on the thinner control surface skins. It is cosmetic and does not affect how it flies. It did not bother the previous owner at all but I always like to point it out., LLC


Phone: (800) 759-9466

Alternate Phone: (530) 642-2806

Fax: (530) 642-9375

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