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1978 CESSNA 340A

Reg # N895AC


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A no compromise business jet alternative for your luxe escape from the city. If you or your company are reevaluating public v private transportation, or if you need an economical stand-by for the jet without compromising luxury, this single-pilot, 6-seat, state-of-the-art, upgraded cabin-class twin is the answer. 1200 mile max range, 183 gallon capacity, RAM IV upgraded engines, cruising at 30 GPH LOP and 195 knots. As a practical matter, load up 1880 lbs of fuel and payload and cruise in pressurized, air-conditioned comfort, all while you bypass TSA and Covid worries of public transportation. 16-minute climb to 18,000 feet. 225 Knots at 20,000 at 75% power.

THE NICEST, MOST WELL APPOINTED CESSNA 340A ON THE MARKET. STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot with envelope protection, Digital engine monitoring via Garmin EIS, TXI and GTN 750/650, remote audio and transponder, with weather and traffic all displayed on a beautifully clean glass panel make this aircraft a true heavy IFR performer. The custom interior upgrades this plane to jet comfort and modernization using carbon fiber and premium leather. Recessed arm and head rests increase cabin space and comfort.

Over 150 voice commands through Garmin Telligence: “Tune destination tower”, “Show destination weather”, “show approaches”, “Say winds”, “Say bearing and distance to destination” are a game-changer for single-pilot operations.

Total Time: 4,208

R/L TSIO-520-NB Series IV Titan Nickel, Serial Numbers 509128/271297-R, 1600 Hour TBO, 312/312 SMOH by RAM

Model Hartzell Simitar Plus PHC-C3YF-2UF, 663/663 since new; electrical deice.


Garmin Glass Panel; G500 TXI, Synthetic Vision, G5 standby, GMA 35c Remote Bluetooth Audio, Ceis Digital Fuel Senders, Push-to-Command Telligence, Six-place stereo intercom, GTN 750, GTN 650, FlightStream 510, GTX 345 Remote Transponder interfaced to GTN and TXI, STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot interfaced to G500, Garmin Digital Engine Information System, Custom powder-coated panels and placarding. ADS-B in and out, WAAS, LPV, Terrain awareness, ELT, Altitude pre-select and alert, minimums audio alert, XM-weather and music, Flight-director


New strip and paint 2018 Alumagrip Snow White, Evening Sky Blue, Ruby Red, Silver; Always hangered.


One of a kind complete redesign 2019 by Aviation Design. 6-Seat Executive Interior. Club configuration. LED cabin and cockpit lighting. Garrett Leather throughout, in Greystone, Stormcloud and Ebony. Carbon Fiber aft bulkhead and cockpit headliner. Wool Carpet, New Seats floor-tracked with recessed headrests and recessed arm rests.

Additional Equipment

Factory Air-Conditioning, Oxygen 11 CU FT, Pressurization 4.2 differential maintains sea-level cabin to 9,000 feet, Alcohol windshield deice, heated props, heated pitot, heated stall warning, USB charger adapter, STC for 6290 lbs gross weight increase, GAMI Turbo Injectors, LED lights interior and exterior, Prop Sync, Rosen Visors.


Annual Due Next July 2021; All ADs complied with.

Jecobra Private Jets


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