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1944 Curtiss Aircraft C-46D Commando

Reg # CP-973


  • 1944 Curtiss Aircraft C-46D Commando Photo 2


This beautifully restored C-46D Commando is currently the only C-46 flying in the World in full passenger configuration. Plane is sold F.O.B. Cochabamba, Bolivia.
SMOH: 19/19
SMOH: 0/0


1x King KX 175 BE TSO
1x King KMA 24 TSO
1x Bendix / King KMD 150 (new)
1x HF Yaesu FT 840
1x Narco 841 TSO


New Paint: White with Red Stripes
Polished Aluminum


New Carpet - Brown
New Seats - Red & Tan Leather (32 seats)
New Roof Fabric - Beige
New Floor
New Lavatory w/ Smoke Detector
New Baggage Compartment
New Galley

New Fabric / Leather on Seats
New Upholstery - Roof
New Floor
New Panel

Additional Equipment

New Tires
New Paint - Landing Gear
New Tail Exhaust
New Aluminum Control Surfaces
New Cabin Windows - Plexiglass
All New Hoses
25,000 Screws Replaced
New Cowling Fasteners
New Fuel Tank Collars
New Safety Walk
All Accessories Overhauled
All AD's complied with
Fuel Tank Accessories Overhauled
Oil Tanks Overhauled


WWII Combat History - Operation Varsity

Operation Plunder began at 9 pm on the evening of 23 March, 1945 and by the early hours of the morning of 24 March Allied ground units had secured a number of crossings on the eastern bank of the Rhine.

In the first few hours of the day, the transport aircraft carrying the two airborne divisions that formed Operation Varsity began to take off from airbases in England and France and began to rendezvous over Brussels, before turning northeast for the Rhine dropping zones. The airlift consisted of 541 transport aircraft containing airborne troops, and a further 1,050 troop-carriers towing 1,350 gliders. The 17th Airborne Division consisted of 9,387 personnel, who were transported in 836 C-47 Skytain transports, 72 C-46 Commando transports (including 44-77545), and more than 900 Waco CG-4A gliders.

The 6th Airborne Division consisted of 7,220 personnel transported by 42 Douglas C-54 and 752 C-47 Dakota transport aircraft, as well as 420 Airspeed Horsa and General Aircraft Hamilcar gliders. This immense armada stretched more than 200 miles (322 km) in the sky and took 2 hours and 37 minutes to pass any given point, and was protected by some 2,153 Allied fighters from the US Ninth Air Force and the Royal Air Force. The combination of the two divisions in one lift made this the largest single day airborne drop in history. At 10 am British and American airborne troops belonging to the 6th Airborne Division and 17th Airborne Division began landing on German soil, some 13 hours after the Allied ground assault began.

Today, 44-77545 is one of only seven airworthy survivors.

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