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2007 Diamond DA42-155

Reg # N852CB


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Buyers of used airplanes often avoid aircraft that have a “story” attached to them because it usually means a troubled past. This very special DA42, however, has a great story to tell that ranks right up there with Cinderella at the ball. 

Built in 2007, Diamond Aircraft in 2017 decided to try something unusual with N852CB by completely refurbishing the airplane from nose to tail to bring its performance characteristics similar to those of new DA42-VI aircraft rolling out of the factory at the time.  

Upgrades performed by Diamond in Austria included gutting the airplane and installing an all-new leather interior with the popular “Tall Boy” canopy and adding fresh paint and striping, built-in oxygen system, electrically activated rudder pedals, factory installed Ram iPad mounts, canopy sun visor, yaw damper, and a complete Garmin G1000 avionics suite including integrated GFC 700 autopilot, Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), GWX 68 weather radar, WAAS GPS, GDL 69 XM weather and audio, and GTX 345R ADS-B receiver. 

This DA42 also received factory new Continental CD-155 jet-fuel-burning turbodiesel engines (2,100 TBR) producing 155 hp per side (310 total horsepower), for improved cruise and climb performance without sacrificing efficiency. Other upgrades made by Diamond included the addition of overhauled MT composite propellers, aux fuel tanks (76 gallons total), new control rods, resealed landing gear, and FIKI-certified TKS system. 

While Diamond was content to transform N852CB into something similar a DA42-VI, the airplane’s buyer (and current owner) decided to go even further by adding new Beringer wheels and brakes, Mountain High oxygen pulse regulators, upgraded exterior and interior LED lighting, lambskin seat covers, new tubeless main tires, and winterization upgrades. 

One of the more recent modifications unfortunately was engineered improperly, damaging the engine blocks in the process and necessitating full factory remanufacturing of the CD-155 engines, which are produced in Germany. 

That brings the reader up to the present day in this story, as a wonderful airplane now being offered for sale will be made even more so by virtue of having newly rebuilt engines installed and a fresh annual inspection at the time of purchase. This plane has been maintained in accordance with the stricter standards of Chapter 5. The engine work is scheduled to be completed and the airplane made ready for its new owner in September. 

The current owner says he still loves the airplane and would like to keep it but he has outgrown the DA42 and needs to be able to carry more people. 

“I hate to sell it because it is such an awesome airplane both feature-wise and performance-wise,” the owner says. “On takeoff it leaps off the runway – there’s just so much power for a light airplane, and it wants to climb and keep climbing – it's incredible.”  

Not only is climb performance noticeably improved, this DA42 is faster as well. Cruise speed at higher power settings tops 175 ktas, while the CD-155-powered DA42 typically burns 12-14 gph total when operating at normal cruise power settings.  

Add it all up and N852CB makes for quite the Cinderella story. 



·      Continental CD-155 engines—20 additional hp per engine; 40 total per side; 310 total hp
·      435 Hours TT on Engines with newly factory remanufactured by Continental to new standard
·      2100 Hour TBR Engine
·      FADEC system (Full Authority Digital Engine Control)
·      Burns 12-14 gallons of Jet-A per hour, depending on cruise load
·      MT propellers


·      GFC 700 autopilot
·      G1000 avionics suite
·      GDL69 XM weather and radio
·      GTX345R 46FA  [ADS-B and ADS-R]
·      GRS 77 AHRS
·      GIA 63 W WAAS
·      GDC 74A
·      Yaw Damper
·      GWX 68 Weather radar
·      SVT— Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology
·      Diagnostic dongle included


·      Built in system (in nose section)
·      4 Oxygen Ports
·      2-Place Mountain High Pulse Regulators that service 4 stations


·      Resealed 2019
·      Beringer wheels
·      Beringer brakes
·      New main tires (tubeless)


·      Electronically adjustable rudder/brake pedals
·      Factory replaced new 2017
·      “Tall Boy” canopy
·      Canopy sun visor assembly installed 2019
·      Lambskin seat covers
·      Factory Installed ram mounts for iPad or iPhone


·      New engine cowling for CD 155
·      Aux tanks—total fuel capacity 76 gallons
·      Complete set of Bruce’s covers (all flying surfaces and gear covers)
·      LED position and strobes
·      LED on all instrument lights in cockpit


·      OSB42-11 Winter kit
·      OSB42-110 Improved heating kit
·      TKS—FIKI certified


Aircraft has complete logs and will be available for delivery in September with a fresh annual!


 *Some photos may be file photos





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