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  • 2023 DIAMOND DA62 MPP Photo 2
  • 2023 DIAMOND DA62 MPP Photo 3
  • 2023 DIAMOND DA62 MPP Photo 4
  • 2023 DIAMOND DA62 MPP Photo 5
  • 2023 DIAMOND DA62 MPP Photo 6
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  • 2023 DIAMOND DA62 MPP Photo 2
  • 2023 DIAMOND DA62 MPP Photo 3
  • 2023 DIAMOND DA62 MPP Photo 4


2023 delivery positions available but disappearing fast!

Air Bear is the factory authorized DA62 MPP distributor in the United States and offers the MPP derivative of the DA62 for your special mission needs.

Configurable for a variety of ISR and special mission requirements, the MPP is truly an aircraft in a class by itself. Designed with the mission in mind, the MPP can mount a variety of EO/IR sensors as well as laser scanners, large format cameras, ground mapping or maritime radar, environmental sensors, and steerable SATCOM arrays among the list of its robust payload options. The MPP provides several pod options for a variety of mission payloads as well as an available 20" large format camera hatch for aerial survey/photography.

Powered by Austro JetA twin diesels, the DA62 MPP solves the lead emissions problem which occurs operating 100LL engines, The MPP is capable of long duration missions, while supporting robust mission payloads. Burning less fuel at mission loiter speeds than a typical single engine piston, the MPP provides an incredibly low fuel burn total of less than 8 USG/Hour at loiter. Combined with the available Piston Power tip to tail maintenance program, your DA62-MPP will operate with DOC's at loiter speeds at less than $240.00 USD/hour.

The MPP is affordable to acquire and exceptionally economical to operate. North American factory support is available, and a network of factory approved service centers are a phone call away. Mission equipment is sourced by Air Bear primarily from North American vendors who provide localized support, an important part of keeping your MPP mission ready.

Air Bear will provide you with a mission-ready platform, designed specifically for your mission requirements. Simply contact us here at Air Bear to discuss your mission requirements, or if you are seeking to customize/integrate the MPP yourselves, Air Bear will supply the DA62 MPP in the appropriate mission support configuration.

Discover how affordable the MPP platform is to acquire and then be amazed at how it's low DOC's will provide the lowest 10-year cost of ownership of any aircraft capable of carrying its mission payload.

Austro AE330
Time: 0/0 SNEW
TBO: 1,800/1,800
The most powerful heavy fuel engine in its class. Based on the successful and reliable AE300, the next Generation engine has evolved -the AE330. It provides more power than the AE300 at the same weight. Great fuel efficiency, reliability and easy operation make the AE330 the best aviation engine of today and the future.

MT - MTV-6-R-C-F/CF194-80


Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite, with many available options to meet your needs.





Additional Equipment

Additional equipment optionally available


Delivered at Diamond Canada's Factory with 'N' Registration

Modifications / Conversions

Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP) facilitates integration of custom mission equipment for airborne ISR, aerial survey and a host of other missions.

Air Bear Tactical Aircraft LLC

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