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Reg # N316RF


  • 1966 FOLLAND GNAT Photo 2
  • 1966 FOLLAND GNAT Photo 3


Beautiful Folland (British Aerospace) Gnat - Red Arrow Paint Scheme
AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales proudly presents N316RF to market.

This former Royal Air Force T-1 Folland Gnat is a great example of transonic aerodynamics designed by the world famous designer W.E.W. Petter.

This T.MK.1 is a real " Fast mover " jet as opposed to so many low performing high fuel consumption trainers on the market . It is very agile and if you cannot afford an F-16 this is the next best thing. The visibility is outstanding from both cockpits.

Dual instruction, export and worldwide delivery are available.

All trades considered.

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Here are some comments from the owner:

One of the finest airplanes I have flown in almost 60 years of flying , and I have flown a few ( 35 different types ) is the Folland T-1 Gnat , designed by world renowned British designer Willowby Petter ( English Electric Canberra ,etc ) . It is a masterpiece of transonic aerodynamics resulting in high efficiency and high speed . It has a “ Coke bottle “ shaped fuselage obeying the “ Area Rule “ formula and one of the prime reasons it operates efficiently in the transonic region ( Mach .75 to 1.2) .The popular L-39 shares it’s good looks sells for around $ 250,000 , burns about the same amount of fuel per hour, but has only a fraction of the performance.The T1 is derived from the single seat F1 fighter . The Indian Air Force used it in relative small numbers and fought the Pakis with it during the Indo/Pakistani war with remarkable success . The Gnat is extremely agile and with an empty weight of about 5,000 lbs and a thrust of 4,500 Rolls Royce lbs , it has a very respectable turning and climb capability . I always said if you can’t afford an F16 then the Gnat is the next best thing ! The T-1 has good visibility from both seats in a surprisingly roomy cockpit . It can cruise efficiently at 45,000 feet and Mach .85 and can get up there quickly . So , it is a real jet and exploits the advantages of a jet , which is to fly high and fast at a decent fuel consumption . It is not a slow with high fuel consumption as many trainers are . The ex – military Gnats are scarce in the market place . They are prized by those that recognize the ability of this plane . It’s prodigy the : T-45 , Hawk or Goshawk trainer does not have the stellar performance of the Gnat even though the design team has many of the original designers on it .

3800 Total Hours Since New Former Royal Air Force Serial Number XR984 Previously with Royal Air Force 4 FTS and No 1 SoTT Self start capability ; electric system upgrade ; 450 lbs lighter ( 10% ) and aerodynamic clean-up Simple DC electrical system Engine is run monthly, however the aircraft needs an annual to fly. " Red Arrows " paint scheme but is not an ex Arrows plane 450 lbs lighter than standard due to the electrical upgrade It has been aerodynamically cleaned up as well The aircraft is supersonic in a shallow dive


Becker Radio Becker Transponder

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