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1983 Gulfstream GIII

Reg # N404AA


  • 1983 Gulfstream GIII Photo 2
  • 1983 Gulfstream GIII Photo 3
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Aircraft currently located at FXE. Started monthly since arriving at FXE.

Rolls Royce
Model: SPEY 511-8
Jet-A Fuel
Engine Fire Detection: Yes
Engine Fire Bottles: Yes
Time Since Overhaul: Left-TSO 5,500.0 est, Right TSO 5,500.0 est
Time Between Overhaul Limit: 8,000 hours
Note: Both engines have received the necessary hush kit upgrade which makes the aircraft stage three compliant. The upgrade allows it to continue flying in the US and other countries that have adopted similar noise abatement standards

Tires: Good,
Type Brakes: Fair
Anti-Skid: Yes
Interior Condition: Good
Cabin Configuration: 13 Place- Pilot/Co-Pilot, 11 Cabin seating
Panel Layout: Factory layout
Pressurized Cabin: Yes
Window Condition: Good


Dual Honeywell Flt.Dir Honeywell EVD-800 5-tube Honeywell 800 A/P Triple
Collins VHF-22B Comms, 8.33 Khz
Dual Collins VIR-32 Navs
Dual Collins ADF-60 ADF
Dual Collins DME-42
Dual Universal UNS-1K w/GPS
Dual Collins RTU-4220
Dual Honeywell LASEREF IRS
Honeywell TCAS II Ch. 7
RVSM (ASC-308A) FM-Immunity
Fairchild F1000 Flight Data Recorder
Dual Collins 718HF w/SELCAL
Universal SATCOM
Additional Equipment
Dual Controls: Yes
Type: Yolk
Stall Warning System: Yes
Stick Shaker: Yes
Rotating Beacon: Yes
Strobe Light: Yes
Taxi Lights: Yes
Navigation Lights: Yes
Single Point Refuel: Yes
Toilet: Yes
Galley: Yes (rear)
Lavatory: Yes (Front)
Cabinetry: Yes very good condition

Full Panel: Yes
Dual Panel: Yes
IFR Equipped: Yes
Panel Condition: Good


No current damage, nor historical damage according to the FAA and NTSB
Note: The aircraft does show some signs of surface corrosion. Most notable is “chin strap” on the underside of the aircraft. This is a historical area for GIII’s to develop surface corrosion due to multiple metals that come together in this area of the fuselage

Stage Three Hush Kit installed (Stage 3 complaint)
Service Bulletin Status: FAA research developed that all bulletins were completed at time of last inspection.
Last Scheduled Maintenance was under MYCMP on April 22, 2020.

Richard Campbell


Phone: 254-744-7555

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