2019 Gyrocopter X2











al. Katowicka 11 / 05-830 Wolica
Warsaw  POLAND
Aircraft Summary
Crew + Passengers: 1+1 / 1+3
Engine: Rotax 912 HP ULS 100
Propeller: Constant Pitch Propeller
Rotor: Aluminum
Cabin: Carbon Fiber
Avionics: Standard Analog + Digital
Trimming: Mechanical
Empty Weight: 307 Kg
MTOW: 560 Kg
Maximum Speed: 155 Km/H
Cruise Speed: 130 Km/H
Climb Rate: 500 Ft/M
Maximum Altitude: 3000 M
Fuel Quantity: 84 L (A95)
Range: 520 Km
Take off Distance: 100-150 M
Landing Distance: 0-5 M
Length: 5.1 M (8.6 m with Rotor)
Width: 2.21 M (2.28 m with Tail)
Height: 2.8 M
Gyrocopter X is the symbol of individualism, elegance and good taste. Its design and execution are moving even when it is still. The one who will take his place at the controls of X, will feel the urge to rise up and will not want to go back to earth.

X is a machine with amazing possibilities. The materials, from which it is made, provide the highest standards of safety and comfort. The carbon cabin, which provides maximum durability, while being characterized by the smallest possible weight, is of particular importance. In addition, the ROTAX engine allows for eight circles around the Earth (2000h).

Thanks to their advantages, gyroplanes are used by top-class experts in civil aviation, army, police and fire brigade, as well as in agriculture and geodesy.

We offer 2, 3 and 4 person gyroplanes. Each X model can be configured according to your individual needs. You decide how much you want to expand your machine. With us, you will fulfill your dreams and rise up!

al. Katowicka 11 / 05-830 Wolica
Warsaw  POLAND
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