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Reg # N24PX


  • 2006 LANCAIR IV-P Photo 2
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What makes the IVPx? The IVPx is a no stone unturned, completely remanufactured Lancair IVP. The remanufacturing process is so extensive and thorough, it has been branded the IVPxtra. Through years of builder’s experience, flight testing and product development, we have brought the Lancair IVP
forward into today’s high demands of personal transportation with the best of everything in Todays State of the Art Avionics Suites, Full De-icing, the BRS Recovery System, and more, revolutionizing the flight operation environment while delivering ultra high dispatch reliability with uncompromising performance, and unmatched safety in its class.

N24PX is a 2006 completely refurbished in 2016 Lancair IV-P. The airframe has been completely disassembled, inspected, all SB’s complied with, and updates made to all known areas that should be addressed (IRAN). This is as close as you can get to a new aircraft. All systems have been thoroughly disassembled, inspected, corrosion treated as applicable, and parts replaced as necessary. Beyond the finishing process, are hours of intense detail and fleet history study. Long before the ultra high gloss Sikkens paint process is applied, we went to work on the most critical element of the aircraft. The airfoil itself. What we found with our extensive fleet history is deviations from the NACA airfoil, through the point and materials process. We studied the finish process in detail and then brought innovation to the front, and fixed the entire process of paint application. Each step of the way, we inure the airfoil is correct and not a deviation… the results are well worth the effort. We have a better handling aircraft, at class leading and unmatched economy and performance, all in one package.
At Gross weights, we are experiencing 258KTAS, while operating at only 16.5 GPH, at exceptional CHT temperatures.
The airframe has been reassembled using the latest configuration of updates available; including the internal rudder bellcrank, updated high-G seats, and inflatable airbag seatbelts.

Add state-of-the-art avionics suite including 3 Garmin G3X Touch screens, Dual AHRS and Air Data Computers, VIRB Cameras, WAAS GTN750 GPS/NAV/COM, ADS-B in and out, active GTS800 Traffic, Dual Heated Pitot/Static Systems, Dual buss electrical system with cross-tie capability, and more. The entire airframe electrical has been replaced with an integrated harness designed specifically for this aircraft, and common to all IVPx and the soon to be delivered in April, ESPx. No more unique wiring diagrams, this is the backbone of fleet conformity for ease of long term maintenance.

The latest in safety, with a whole aircraft BRS parachute system. The airframe has full Kelly Aerospace De-Ice at delivery.

New Full Feathering Hartzell Propeller

All external lighting has been replaced using HID lights in the wing tips for landing and taxi, and LED lights for position and strobe. Rotating beacon for ground recognition, just like the professionals.

Call us today, and find out more about what makes the IVPx the best value in the Performance Category.

This is absolutely the best of everything in one pristine example of personal transportation.
Unrivaled Avionics, Unmatched Performance.

300 Since Xtra Completion/ Whole Airframe Refrubishment, Paint, Interior and Avionics.

Time: 910
Continental Twin Turbo Twin Intercooled TSIO 550 Lightspeed Engineering Electronic Ignition


Garmin G3x Touch Screens Triple Display with Synthetic Vision and Flight Director Garmin GTN750 WAAS, GPS/NAV/COM Garmin GTR20 Remote Comm #2 Garmin GTX 23ES Remote Transponder Gamin GMC307 Remote Control Digital Autopilot with Yaw Dampner Garmin GDL39R ADS-B Vertical Power VP-X 12v Protection System GTS800 Active Traffic Mini X ISIS (Integrated Standby Instrument System With Synthetic Vision and battery back up) FLIR Camera in MFD (Forward Looking Infrared Camera) VIRB Camera in MFD Dual AHRS (Garmin GSU 25) Dual Air Data Computers (Garmin) ADS-B In and Out Bluetooth communication Garmin Connext with your iPad for back up flight instruments. Upload your flight plan via Bluetooth Lightspeed Tango Wireless Headset


The entire exterior has been stripped, inspected and body work completed to a fine surface. The wings have been carefully profiled to exacting specifications. Final paint was then applied to a fine finish using Sikkens high quality paint.


The interior is also a incorporates the newest in design elements. Our IVPx interior brings unmatched space to the previous IVP cabin, increasing headroom in the front seats while, adding space for the rear passengers, using finely appointed world-class materials and craftsmanship. The cabin features heated seats and digital climate control as well as full Dukes pressurization to 5PSI max differential.

Additional Equipment

BRS Ballistic Recovery System Parachute Air Bag Seat Belts High G Seats Heated Seats front and rear De-Ice Electrical System (Pre-Wired) for wings. Prop and windshield deice included. FlightLine Digital Air Conditioning System Dual Alternators (100 amp each) Dual Battery and Bus Electrical System with X-Tie Built In Four Place Emergency Oxygen System Boeing Wing tips HID Landing and Taxi Lights Cabin Pressurization Controller Guardian Carbon Monoxide Detector ELT 407 Annual Inspection, Pitot Static Transponder Check August,


Specifications Subject to Verification Upon Inspection Aircraft Subject to Prior Sale, or Withdrawal from Market

Modifications / Conversions


Echelon Flight Support


Phone: 844-220-6092

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