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1980 Learjet 25 D

Reg # N401DP


  • 1980 Learjet 25 D Photo 2
  • 1980 Learjet 25 D Photo 3
  • 1980 Learjet 25 D Photo 4
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  • 1980 Learjet 25 D Photo 2
  • 1980 Learjet 25 D Photo 3
  • 1980 Learjet 25 D Photo 4


This 1980 Learjet 25D is one of the finest examples of this model of aircraft that can be found anywhere today. It is highly modified, upgraded, with inspections current. The aircraft was recently under contract, going through pre-buy, when Covid-19 caused the buyer to cancel. This is a rare opportunity; all inspections current and a pre-buy inspection having just been completed. The sellers are open to considering a trade for real estate or owner financing to qualified buyers.


Low Total Time, 5990 Hours, High serial number, S/N 329. All maintenance inspections are current. Aircraft equipped with ADS-B out, Aviation Equipment Stage III Hush Kits, Dual Garmin 530, Garmin TAWS, Collins RDR-2100 Digital Color Radar, WAAS, LPV, L-NAV, navigation and approaches, Dual FIS-84 Flight Directors, King 980 Integrated Hazard System, Honeywell EGPWS, Terrain displays on MFD, Garmin GDL-69 Weather Displays, Butler-Avcon RVSM with Rosen pitot probes and IS&S digital altimeters, Shadin digital 2000 fuel totalizer computer, Dual PS engineering pilot/co-pilot intercom with cabin jacks, Dual Emergency Battery Packs with Emergency Comm/Nav, digital overspeed and altitude warnings, Eros oxygen masks, Windshield defog kit, 350 Kts VMO kit, High Altitude Airport emergency pressurization restraint kit, Dual Davtron 811B Digital Clocks, strobe light kit, Rosen sun visor system, Cockpit overhead and map lights, wired for dual Iridium Satellite phone
Cargo door, Century III wing with softflite, zero time zero cycle compressors at last overhaul, recent dual engine hot section inspections, RH engine has new 2000 hour coated combustion liner, lead acid batteries
Upgraded interior with custom composite headliner and window line panels, Gold plated hardware, Lou Martin pleated window shade assemblies, wood veneer cabinetry, woven leather lower sidewall panels, leather seating, Skandia cabin soundproofing kit, custom made game tables, marble top ice cabinet, air gaspers installed over each cabin seat, wool carpet by Stark. Captain's seat adjusts for extra tall pilot.
The engines alone are worth more that the asking price. Engines are Original to the Aircraft, 10 Year Corrosion Due 2026, Fresh 300 Hour and 600 Hour Engine Inspections, "0" Time "0" Cycle Compressors Installed by Premier Turbines at Overhaul, Fresh Hot Section Inspections Completed by US Turbines, Ypsilanti MI
Learjets are certified for flight into known icing based on actual icing flights behind airborne tanker aircraft. (see pic above) New de-ice boot installed on the horizontal stabilizer at the 12-year.
No expensive Maintenance Service Plan "MSP" Fees related to the G.E. Engines. Best single engine performance of any aircraft in it class. These are the same engines that are on the Northrup T-38 Talon (the USAF Supersonic trainer aircraft) slated for 80 years of service (1960-2040) with parts support from General Electric through 2040.
"DUAL" main gear wheels and brakes. Eight (8) wing spars, Windscreen so strong it is considered part of the aircraft structure. 9.1 PSI Differential Cabin Pressure. Shirt sleeve environment to 51,000 feet. Call Now!


All maintenance inspections are current. 12 Yr Inspection completed March 2018. A, B, C, completed April 2021, D inspection due 07/2022
Full Logbooks since new
No damage History
Basic Empty Weight 8,300 Lb

Engines Left

Engine 1 Original to Airframe
Serial 211-226A 1st Overhaul at 5,000 hrs Premier Aviation
Total Time Since New 5,900 hours
Engine 1 Hours & Cycles Since Overhaul 900
"0" Time "0" Cycle compressor installed at overhaul
Time since Hot Section Inspection 30 hours U.S. Turbines Ypsilanti MI
Lowest limiting LCF part remaining in compressor 5,600 cycles
4,000 hours remaining to next overhaul
970 hours remaining to next HSI


Flight Director System: Dual Collins FIS-84 Flight Directors
Autopilot: JET FC-110, Coupled to pilot or copilot side, V-NAV
ADF: Dual Collins ADF-60
RMI: Dual Collins
DME: Dual Collins DME-40’S
Radar: Collins RDR 2100 Digital Color Radar
Transponders: Dual Collins TDR-90
Radio Altimeter: Collins ALT-55B
Phone: Dual Iridium
MFD: KMD-850
TCAS-1: TCAS-791 Displays on MFD and Garmin's
EGPWS: Honeywell Terrain Displays on MFD
RVSM: Butler-AVCON/Rosemont Pitot Probes, IS&S digital altimeters
TAWS: Garmin 530 (DUAL)
ADC #1/#2 IS&S Displays on Garmin's
ADC #3 Shadin 2000 with Fuel Totalizer/Computer
Intercom: Dual Pilot/Copilot PS Engineering w/ Cabin Jacks
Weather: Garmin GDL-69 Displays XM on Garmin's
Honeywell FIS Uplink Displays on KMD-850
ADSB-Out Installed


Painted 11-04 all Over White Top/Whisper Gray Bottom Striped in Plum & Gray


New 10/2007
Seating - Beige Leather
Metal Plating - Polished Champagne Gold
Drink Rail - Garrett Mystique Textured Leather, Cedar
Lower Sidewall - Garrett Woven Leather, Saddle
Stark Carpet wool "Hanauma Bay"
Custom Composite Single piece Window Line Panels and Headliner with LED Lighting and Air Gaspers, Ultraleather Covering, Lou Martin Pleated Window Shade Assemblies, Skandia Cabin Soundproofing Kit
Custom Wood Veneer "Pommele Bubinga" Cabinetry
Custom made game tables and drink rail door covering
Lighted Liquor Cabinet, Large Ice Drawer w Marble top
FAR Part 25-853 Burn Certification of all Installed Materials

Additional Equipment

Aviation Equipment Stage III Compliant Hush Kits are installed
Century III Wing w/ Softflite
Dual Jet 101 Compass Systems
AUX. Cabin Heat
Wing Inspection Lights
Recognition Light
Cargo Door
Dual Emergency Battery Packs
Emergency COM/NAV
Cockpit Windshield Defog Kit
Two Davtron 811B Clocks
Strobe Light Kit
Digital Overspeed & Altitude Warnings (Replaces Lear Analog)
Dual EROS Quick-Don O2 Masks (New 07)
Rosen Sun-Visor System
Cockpit Overhead Map Lights
High Airport Elevation Emergency Pressurization Override Switches Installed
Air Gaspers over each cabin seat


Prospective purchasers are requested to seek independent verification of all specifications. Information provided is as we receive it from the aircraft owner and has not been independently verified. Times, inspection status, etc. may change at any time.
Pilot gear occasionally shows up in our photos (portable GPS, headsets, etc.). Do not assume it is included with the airplane. If you specifically want to include such an item, be sure to specify in the purchase agreement that the item be included in the sale.
Video tours of cockpit, interior & exterior can be viewed at broker's website,

Modifications / Conversions

As defined in The Aircraft Price Digest Blue Book's "Conversion Section" N401DP is a Best Jets Silver Edition aircraft.



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