1937 Lockheed 12A "Electra Jr."










Lockheed 12A

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Redondo Beach,CA

Platinum Fighter Sales
409 N. Pacific Coast Hwy #339
Redondo Beach CA 90277
Aircraft Summary
Lowest time Lockheed 12A in the world. Placed 5th in the 1937 Bendix Trophy Air Races - flown by Milo Bircham. Gilmore Oil - Executive Transport. Illustrious World War II military service with the Free French Air Force. Flew French General LeCerc and General Charles DeGaulle. All logbooks and records since new. Restoration completed 2/2017.

0 since Major Overhaul / Restoration

SMOH: 83/83
14B Wasp Jr.

SMOH: 83/83
A.D. complied with
Bare Metal - Polished
Strip Entire Aircraft (through factory original paint!)
Remove Legacy Antennas
Strip and Refinish Battery Box with New Acid-Proof Paint
Lap Seam Seal Cockpit/Cabin Area Fuselage Skins and Weather Test
Install all New Windshields and Weather Seals
Replace Windows, Window Frames, Wooden Inserts And Weather Seals
Replace/Repair Navigation Lights, Landing Lights
Replace Turtle Decks, Both Nacelles
Repair Various Leading Edge Dings/Dents
Refinish Chrome Pitot Stand Tubes and Pitot Tubes to Polished Copper
Reskin Main Door
Polish Bare Aluminum (Nuvite system)
Recent Overhaul / Restoration Work
Remove Entire Interior: Seats, Floor, Cockpit Partition, Paneling, Insulation Strip, Etch, Prime Cockpit/Cabin: Instrument Panel to One Station Aft of Rear Bulkhead
Replace all Cabin, Cockpit and Baggage Compartment Flooring with New
Refinish all Chrome (Seat Frames, Various Hardware)
Reupholster all seats with Full-Grain Leather
Fit and Install all Interior Cockpit and Cabin Panels with New Aluminum: Cut, Drilled, Fitted with Fasteners and Fabric
Strip, Etch, Refinish Instrument Panel
Affix New Panel, Cockpit and Cabin Placarding
Remove, Clean, Inspect, Service, Rewire Aux Tank
Refinish Control Columns and Replace Control Column Leather Boots
Replace and Refinish Control Column Clearance Channels
Complete Various Floor Rail and Fuselage Station Repairs/Splices
Replace Seat Pans, Pilot and Copilot Seat
Install New Baggage Compartment Forward Skin
Install New Shock Mounts In Pilot Instrument Panel
Finish Paint all Non-Fabric-Covered Areas of Cockpit/Cabin
Rewire much Cabin and Panel Electrical and Replace Interior Lighting
Replace "Engineer" Seatback (deemed non-original) with original type
Replace Ribs/Rails in Emergency Exit Window
Fit Interior Entry Handrail on Main Door
Remove, Strip, Repair, Etch, Prime and Refinish Interior Hardware
Refinish Aux Tank Covers/Fabricrepair and Reinstall Instruments and Replace Broken/Cracked Glass Throughout
Replace Wooden Tray Table for Aux Tank
Replace Wood/Leather Cantilever, Fold-Out Table For Left-Side Cabin
Fit, Cut, Surge and Install all New Carpet
Install New Hat Netting Above Vent Ducts
Install New Windlace around Main Cabin Door

Replace Engines with 0 TSO (Full Balanced/Chromed Package)
Install STC'ed Air Wolf Oil Filter System, Both Engines
Replace Props with 0 TSO
Repair RH Outboard Upper Spar Cap as Designed/Approved by DER
Overhaul Tail Strut, Refinish Piston and Cylinder
Overhaul/Service/Strip/Etch/Paint Electric Relay Boxes and Switches for Flaps and Gear
Replace Ribs on Inboard Sides of Elevator
Replace and Refinish Tail Section Hardware and Replace Bearings with New
Repair Rear Bulkhead Rib with Splice
Repair/Replace Brake System Fittings, Flush And bleed
Replace Main Tires and Tubes with New, Refinish Wheels and Replace Hardware with New
Repair Carburetor Heat Cable and Hardware
Remove Legacy Harnesses, Mounts, Hardware Wiring Bundles from Previous Installations
Repair Cockpit and Cabin Heat System, Replace Cabling with New
Repair Engine Primer System, Replace Tubing/fittings
Repair Parking Brake

Platinum Fighter Sales
409 N. Pacific Coast Hwy #339
Redondo Beach CA 90277
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