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Reg # C-GLHK


  • 1980 MCDONNELL DOUGLAS 500D Photo 2
  • 1980 MCDONNELL DOUGLAS 500D Photo 3


Operating history in Dry Environment, Utility Configured, Onboard 3600 lbs. Keeperless Cargo Hook w/Cargo Mirror, FDC Inlet Barrier Filter, Auto Re-Ignition Kit, Pilot Bubble Window, 90% Hours Remaining for Engine Overhaul, MD530 Mast, Kamatic Engine Driveshafts (calendar limited, not time limited), -105 Main Blades (for 300 lbs more lift than original blades), Enhanced Engine 250-C20B by Standard Aero for cooler engine operating temperatures, latest tail rotor blade version with full metal strip (to prevent debonding).

Utility Configured, Onboard 3600 lb Keeperless Cargo Hook w/Cargo Mirror, FDC Inlet Barrier Filter, Auto Re-ignition Kit, Pilot Bubble Window, 90% Remaining for Engine Overhaul

Rolls Royce 250-C20B s/n CAE 830901, 90% Remaining for Engine Overhaul


Flight Instruments
King KY96A VHF Comm
King KT-76A Transponder
Trans-Cal Altitude Encoder
AMS43 Audio Control Box
Technisonic TFM-138 FM Radio
GPS Mount and Antenna
DynaNav GPS Antenna
Instantaneous VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator)
Cabin Power Provisions
Dual Gauges (Pilot’s Door)
Load Cell E-51 Onboard Systems
Longline Control
Macleod Clock
Collective Switch Box
Guardian 3 Satellite Tracker
Kannad 406AF ELT


Gray with Maroon and Black Accents


Crew Seats Fwd and Mesh Rear Bench Seat

Additional Equipment

Anti-Ice Fuel Filter
Auto Re-ignition Kit
Auto Re-ignition Switch Relocation
Battery Concorde
Bearpaws (Viking)
Cargo Hook (Onboard)
Cargo Mirror Assy (Dart)
Colorado Side Pull Kit
Crew Door Opener Kit (aft)
Crew Door Opener Kit (fwd)
Door with Flat Window, Co-Pilot
Door with Flat Window, L/H Aft Passenger
Door with Flat Window, Pilot
Door with Flat Window, R/H Passenger
Engine Compressor Water Wash Kit
Engine Gearbox Vent to R/H Exhaust
Facet Oil Filter
Fire Extinguisher & Mount
First Aid Kit
Footrest, Copilot side
Heated Pitot Tube
Litter Kit Viking Provisions
Main Rotor Swashplate Clips
Particle Separator
Rain Gutters (Aeronautical Accessories)
Removal of Aft Cabin Skylights for replacement with aluminum
Heli-Tech Seat Pan Kit
Seat, AftPassenger Bench with Mesh
Seat, Center Passenger (369D only)
Seat, Copilot (369D only)
Seat, Pilot (369D only)
Stainless Steel Engine Bay Area Heat Shield
Step L/H
Step R/H
Window Bubble Pilot (Tech-Tool)
Window Aft Door L/H (Tech Tool)
Window Aft Door R/H (Tech Tool)
Window Co-Pilot Door (Tech Tool)
Provision for Inlet Diverter
Aerometal Tailboom
HTC Main Rotor Blades
HTC Tail Rotor Blades
Pilot Wedge Windows

Flinn Aviation


Phone: 512-615-3334

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