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  • 2001 MOONEY M20R OVATION2 Photo 2
  • 2001 MOONEY M20R OVATION2 Photo 3
  • 2001 MOONEY M20R OVATION2 Photo 4
  • 2001 MOONEY M20R OVATION2 Photo 5


Reduced 40k - 2001 Ovation2, Air Conditioning, 3 Blade Hartzell Scimitar Prop, Xenon Landing & Taxi light modifications, Garmin 530W/430W (WAAS & terrain updates), King KFC-225 AP w/FD, GDL69A, WX-500, GTX 330 Mode S, O2 (built -in 4 place), Speed Brakes, JPI EDM-730, Reiff engine heater.

US Buyers - Don't let the Canadian registration deter you - there is a lot of value here and Delta Aviation has experience you can count and rely on. Call Mark Woods at for details.

Total Time: 1,436

Time: 650 SOH
TBO: 2000
Continental IO-550 - 280 hp
Approximately 640 TSOH with existing cylinders (see attached log entries)
February, 2009 - 797 hours, Mandatory Service Bulletin (MSB96-10B - Ultrasonic crankshaft inspection) complied with. Crankshaft Assembly (crankcase, crankshaft, oil pump), overhauled to new limit tolerances, all parts replaced per SB97-6A (see attached entry). New camshaft & followers, new oil pump housing and gears. Existing cylinders repaired with new exhaust guides, intake valves, valve springs, piston pins, rocker arm bushings, seals & gaskets. New mags and ignition harness. Oil cooler overhauled.
October, 2012 - 928 hours, engine removed due to prop strike for inspection, prop replaced with new, govenor overhalled and reinstalled.
November, 2013 - 996 hours, engine removed for prop strike inspection, prop replaced with new, prop govenor overhauled.

Time: 245


Garmin GNS 530W (WAAS & terrain updates)
Garmin GNS 430W (WAAS & terrain updates)
King KFC-225 Autopilot with Flight Director
GDL69A Datalink Weather and Infotainment
WX-500 Stormscope
Garmin GMA 340
Garmin GTX 330 Mode S

Additional Equipment

Oxygen System (built -in 4 place)
Speed Brakes
JPI EDM-730 Engine Data Mgmt System
Reiff engine heater

Modifications / Conversions

Air Conditioning
3 Blade Hartzell Scimitar Prop
Xenon Landing & Taxi light modifications


Disclaimer: Specifications are believed to be accurate and complete, however it is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify the aircraft's specifications. We welcome and encourage physical inspection of the aircraft and review of its records.

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Cell Phone: 303-651-6300

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