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Reg # N79LK


  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 2
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 3
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 4
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 5
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 6
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 7
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 2
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 3
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 4
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 5
  • 1980 PIPER NAVAJO CR Photo 6


Coming Winter 2020 Another LOCK & KEY Navajo By Mike Jones Avionics and Maintenance
Considering Purchasing a New Single or Twin Engine Aircraft?
You Might Want To Consider The Ultimate Navajo!!! The LOCK & KEY Navajo by Mike Jones is a totally renovated Piper Navajo from nose to tail to Incredible Standards!!!
It looks like, feels like, and flies like no other Navajo in the world!!!

Order Your
2020 LOCK & KEY Navajo
3 Year Warranty on Special Blue Print Engines!!!
2 Year Warranty on Radios!!!
1st Annual Inspection Free

TTAF: 7800

Power by Blueprint Engines/Limited Editions.
- Over 40 years in personalized precision engine overhauling.
- Factory-new limit specs that exceed mandatory OEM new parts replacement.
- As part of our standard replacement list all engines include:
New OEM Cylinder Assemblies, New Cams, Lifters and Plungers Bodies, New Oil Pump Gears and Housings, New Vacuum Pumps, New Starters, New Alternators, New Magnetos, New Plug Wires, New Iridium Fine Wire Plugs, New Hydraulic Pumps, New Shock Mounts, New Engine & firewall Hoses, New Engine Exhaust, New Turbo Charger Blankets, New Deice Brushes, New Oil Coolers, Engine Mounts Overhauled, Starter deice ring contact surface reconditioned, Baffling reconditioned.
Special Touch:
- OEM cylinders, power balanced, multi angle seats/valves are blue dye, custom and hand fitted, and liquid and pressure tested for optimum performance.
- Special honing to insure proper break-in, stable oil consumption and peak combustion efficiency.
- Crankcase halves are upgraded with special machined CNC Channel Groove with rubber seal inserted between case halves (not the old silk thread procedure) while Thru Bolt O-Rings eliminate case halve leaks.
- AvBlend Fusion pre-assembly process protects your investment from the very first start-up.
- State of the art dyno testing.
Electronic Ignition!!!!
Workmanship supported by the very best transferable

0 SPOH L&R 4 Bladed Q Tip Props & Overhauled Prop Governors


"NEW" Dual Touchscreen Garmin G600 TXi/ PFD/MFD'S
"NEW" Garmin EIS All Engine Instruments & Fuel Management Showing Digitally
"NEW" Garmin Touchscreen GTN750 GPS / Nav / Comm
"NEW" Garmin Touchscreen GTN650 GPS / Nav / Comm
"NEW" Garmin GMA35c Remote Audio Panel w/ Bluetooth
"NEW" Garmin FlightStream 510
"NEW" Garmin GTX345R Remote ADSB Traffic In / Out Transponder w/ Bluetooth
"NEW" Garmin GTX335R Remote ADSB Out Transponder
"NEW" Garmin GTS800 TAS Active Traffic/Covers the 25% of traffic ADSB misses
"NEW" Garmin GDL69A XM Radio & Weather
"NEW" Garmin GWX75 Live Weather Radar/Has Vertical Profile
"NEW" Garmin GSR56 Satellite Weather and Communication System
"NEW" L3 ESI-500 Glass Backup w/ Navigation Enablement
"NEW" CiES Digital Fuel Senders
"NEW" P2 Landing Gear Alert System
"NEW" MidContinent MD835 Emergency Backup Power
"NEW" All new circuit breakers
"NEW" All new antennas
"NEW" All new antenna coax
"NEW" All Six-place USB charging ports
"NEW" All newlSix-place Bose LEMO jacks
"NEW" Eight-place standard headset jacks
Complete Overhauled KFC200 Autopilot System


$85,000 Paint Job with Two Coats of Clear Coat.
All new stainless steel screws, all new hardware in flight controls!!
A new aircraft is a #"10" our Lock & Key Paint Job is a "12"!!!!


$85,000 Dollar New Interior, Polished seat rails!!

Additional Equipment

"NEW" Bogert Stainless Steel Battery Box/No More Corrosion
"NEW" Bogert Copper Cable Kit/Draws much less current
'NEW" Solid State Voltage Regulators
"NEW" Whelen LED Landing / TLaxi / Deice / Recognition Lights
'NEW" Pulse Lights on Wingtips
'NEW" AVEO Engineering LED Nav / Position / Beacon Lights
'NEW" Overhead Switches/They Light up at night
"LED" Lighted Circuit Breaker Panels/Light Up Like A Christmas Tree At Night!!
'NEW" Heavy Brake Kit
'NEW" Deice Boots
'NEW" Fuel Cells
'NEW" New Windows
Overhauled Landing Gear/ Completely Overhauled, All new Hardware & Bushings
Overhaul Hartzell C&D Heater/No AD Note
Overhauled Hydraulic Powerpack
Tail AD Notes AD 2016-05-01 & AD 2017-10-20 Terminated


Fresh Annual by the Navajo experts at Mike Jones Avionics & Maintenance
Only Five AD notes left to do with a visual inspection takes about a hour & your done!!!

Modifications / Conversions

STC Panther Conversion, 350 H.P. Engines! 4 bladed Q-tip props, much quieter!, and Winglets, better climb & cruise at altitude, New Redesigned Engine Bowls.
STC Gear Inner Gear Door Removal, eliminates AD Note & gear retract & extends much faster, higher gear extension speed/Big Safety Factor During Takeoff
STC Strakes for better Cruise speed, better Climb Performance & Stability.
STC Pulse Light System
FAA Field Approval Stainless Steel Battery Box & Copper Starter Cable

Mike Jones Aircraft Sales


Phone: 615-390-0915

Fax: 615-896-5688

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