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Reg # N578CB


  • 2015 REPUBLIC RC-3 SEABEE Photo 2
  • 2015 REPUBLIC RC-3 SEABEE Photo 3
  • 2015 REPUBLIC RC-3 SEABEE Photo 4
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  • 2015 REPUBLIC RC-3 SEABEE Photo 2
  • 2015 REPUBLIC RC-3 SEABEE Photo 3


Experimental V8 Seabee -This beautiful Seabee is a Robinson V8 conversion with lots of mods. Technically, no longer a Republic Seabee, but a Robinson Special, since it is US registered in the Experimental Exhibition category. Cruises at around 115 MPH, burning 11 GPH. Burns 91 octane auto gas or 100 LL aviation fuel. Useful load is 1,000 lbs. Hartzell 3-blade reversible prop makes for easy maneuvering on the water.

TTAF: 815
Two custom installed GULL-WING doors
Extended wings (42 ft) w/ high lift droop wingtips
Steerable tailwheel w/ heavy duty shock absorber
Extra-wide spray rails & 4 booster strakes
4 automatic bilge pumps
LED lighting all the way around
Electrical hydraulic system & electric trim
Dual controls and brakes

Time: 815
General Motors LS-6 V8
405 hp Corvette engine derated to 350 hp
This V8 ENGINE offers outstanding performance, instant starting at any OAT, and ready availability of GM parts.

Hartzell 3-blade reversible prop. AUTO FUEL OR AV GAS. Burns 11 gph at 115 knots
350 HP at 4500 RPM on take off, prop RPM 2400.


Garmin G3X 7" PFD
GTN 650 IFR Navigator
Garmin G5 standby display
Garmin GMC 307 Autopilot mode controller
GSA 28 autopilot servos (3) w/ autotrim
GTX45R remote transponder - ADS-B in & out
Bendix KY97 VHF com
GMA240 audio panel w/ 4-place intercom
ACK E-04 406 mhz ELT
2 Lightspeed Tango wireless headsets


Front 2 seats are independently adjustable fore and aft, with the pilot seat being adjustable vertically as well.
The baggage compartment access door has been made much larger than the standard Seabee so that larger items can be loaded and provides better access for the mechanic during inspections.
General Motors automotive heat and air conditioning provides passenger comfort in all climates.

Additional Equipment

Dual fuel lines, filters, and electric fuel pumps.
2 electric engine coolant pumps, as well as the standard mechanical pump.


This plane was assembled in Canada from several hulls and certified as an amateur-built aircraft there. I bought it from the builder and imported it to the US. It has a special airworthiness certificate in the Experimental Exhibiiton category. More information is available at

David Bloyd


Phone: 817-296-8195

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