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2009 SEAWIND 3000

Reg # C-FEWR


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Completed 2019

Lycoming IO-540 K1B5 with 300 HP
Hartzell HCE2YR-1BF

-4 custom sport seats
-3 axis electric trim transferrable for co-pilot
-dual controls and brakes
-110 gallon fuel capacity in 4 lockable tanks
-Fuel capacitance transmitters which are very reliable and accurate.
-fuel transfer pumps for fuel balancing
-electric boost pump
-auxiliary boost pump for high altitude flying
-low fuel warning light
-engine fire detection system
-engine Halon fire extinguishing system
-Vision Micro systems engine monitor
-Fume detection system
-Hydraulic Wheels, flaps and nosewheel steering
-Standby manual hydraulic pump
-Radio master switch
-Custom control lock for all 3 controls
-Electric bilge pump
-4 place intercom
-Canopy cover
-Cabin heating and defrost
-Flush tie downs

Unique aircraft lift system for undercarriage retraction tests and gear maintenance

Ailerons and Flaps can be reflexed to minus 10 degrees for cruise

Dropping Ailerons to 15 degrees with flap selection

Always Hangared.

The sale will include many spare parts as the owner intended to build another Seawind.

The extreme streamlining of the Seawind make this aircraft an excellent cross country plane with the luxurious option of water landings. A great convenience and safety benefit.

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Aircraft is subject to verification of specifications, logs, times, damage and all equipment listed.

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