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This popular Tecnam classic 2-place low wing has received a major update and still retains its balanced flight characteristics. Great for training! The Tecnam Sierra Mk II delivers a 110-knot cruise speed (75% power) on 4.5 gallons per hour complete with a cockpit with plenty of head, leg and shoulder room and a 360-view. Options to add the Garmin G3X Touch avionics suite complete with Garmin 2-Axis autopilot and a premium interior make the Sierra a sophisticated training aircraft.

TEAM Aircraft is a factory authorized Master Dealer for Tecnam USA. Contact us to explore your custom order options on a new 2018 Tecnam airplane. 100% Bonus Depreciation Available. Financing Available. Will consider trade-in aircraft.

Design Weight
• Maximum Take-Off Weight: 1,389 lb.
• Empty Weight, Standard: 809 lb.
• Useful Load: 513 lb. (Based on standard instrument configuration)
• Baggage Allowance: 44 lb.

Performance (912 ULS2 Powerplant)
• Cruise Speed KTAS: 110 KTAS (75% Power)
• Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) KCAS: 40 KCAS
• Practical ceiling: 15,000 ft.
• Take Off Distance: 1181 ft.
• Landing Distance: 990 ft.
• Rate of Climb: 923 ft./min
• Range: 750 NM

All estimated performance data are based on airplane weights at MTOW; standard atmospheric conditions; level, hard surface,
dry runways, no wind.

Airframe Options – Call for price
• Deluxe Interior
• Special Paint
• Premium Edition Package
• ABS Interior painted in Matte Grey 2 Tone
• Parachute
• Cleveland Wheel and Brake
• Beringer Wheel and Brake
• Fuselage Cover
• Interior Lighting Package
• Coolant Based Cabin Heater
• Auxiliary Alternator
• Sensenich Ground Adjustable 3 Blade Propeller
• Sensenich Ground Adjustable 2 Blade Propeller

Rotax 912 ULS2 (98 HP) 4 Cylinder Dual Carburetor. 2,000-hour TBO and best in class power to weight ratio.

The Rotax powered Tecnam Sierra Mk II enjoys excellent fuel efficiency and wonderfully low operating costs. The aircraft can utilize Mogas (Max. allowed ethanol content of 10%) or 100LL Avgas.
• 4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders
• Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet
• Dual electronic ignition
• Electric starter
• Propeller speed reduction unit
• Liquid/Air Cooled, Integrated Reduction Gear
• Tubular Steel Engine Mount
• Propeller Sensenich, 2 Blade Fixed Pitch
• TBO 2000 Hours

Prop SpecsSensenich 2 Blade Fixed Propeller with options for 2 or 3 Blade Ground Adjustable Propeller.
I. Six Pack Analog Instruments Aircraft Base Price $163,472
The analog 6 pack option may be ideal for primary flight training or for pilot who do not desire a glass avionics suite. Non-additive. Replaces standard configuration. Includes:

• Analog Attitude Indicator and Directional Gyro, electric
• Turn & Bank
• Analog Engine instruments
• GMA 240 Audio Panel
• GTR 200 COM
• GTX 335 Transponder and GPS 20A for ADS-B OUT
• Garmin 796 GPS XM Version

Avionics Options for 6 Pack Configuration include (call for pricing):
• Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
• Garmin GTR 200 COM (Add second COM)
• Garmin GNC 255A NAV/COM
• MD 200 VOR Indicator
• GTX 345 Transponder ADS-B IN/OUT

III. Garmin G3X Touch Aircraft Base Price $169,395
Non-additive, replaces standard equipment and avionics. The Garmin G3X Touch option offers a pilot incredible situational awareness with two large format 10.6” touch screen displays, integrated engine instrument display and includes ADS-B OUT compliance.

• GDU 460/465 – Dual G3X Touch Screen Displays
• GSU 25 – Dual ADAHRS
• GEA 24 EIM; GMU 22 MAG; G3X Sensor Kit
• GMA 240 Audio Panel
• GTR 200 Com
• GTX 35R Transponder and GPS 20A for ADS-B OUT
• GA 55 XM Antenna (Subscription required for service)
• GTP 59 Temp Probe

Avionics Options for G3X Touch Avionics Packages include (Call for Pricing):
• Garmin 2 Axis Autopilot for G3X Touch
• Garmin MD 305 or 307 Autopilot Mode Controller, Panel Mount
• Garmin GAP 26 AOA Heated / Unheated
• Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
• Garmin GNC 255A NAV/COM
• GTX 45R ADS-B IN/OUT Transponder, Remote Mount
• GDL 39R ADS-B IN Receiver
Standard or Premium interior selections available. The Cabin offers newly designed seats and seat rails which are easily operated and adjustable fore and aft via a single handle with a reinforced area between the rails to make cabin access even easier. Air vents are sculpted into the cabin walls providing excellent ventilation in flight. The sliding canopy may be left open during taxi for ample ventilation and comfort during ground taxi.
A wide cockpit panel provides plenty of room for glass panel avionics. A selection of avionics choice is available on the Sierra Mk2 in order to allow almost any type of operation. With an extremely wide choice of rack-mounted avionics, including the latest Garmin radios and GPS, IFR training procedures (not in IMC conditions) can be possible.
• Overall Height: 8.0 ft.
• Overall Length: 22.1 ft.
• Wing Span (Overall): 28.1 ft.
• Cabin Height: 3.1 ft.
• Cabin Width: 3.6 ft.
• Fuel Capacity 29 Gal
Standard or Premium paint selections available. A tapered laminar airfoil and slotted flaps help make the Sierra Mk II an outstanding aircraft with the perfect mix of aerodynamics, performance, and structural efficiency. The wing is all light alloy built with a single spar and full metal torsion box. The wing’s leading edges are easily detachable for repairs and also incorporate the fuel tanks (29 US Gal). They are separated from the cabin in order to maximize passive protection. The horizontal stabilator tail design, provides remarkable longitudinal hands-off stability along with minimum drag and weight penalty. This provides balanced two finger flight control. The wide slotted flaps, are electrically activated and allow stall speed lower than 40 Kts, and allow the aircraft to perform steep approaches and easier landings. The all alloy ailerons are effective and ensure a quick roll rate without being overly sensitive. All control surfaces are made out of light alloy and all, except for flaps and tab, are mass-balanced.
Inspection Status:
New Aircraft, built to order.

Airframe: 24 months or 400 Hours
Engine: 24 Months or 400 Hours
Garmin Avionics: 1 year or 400 Hours

Team Aircraft
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