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2012 TECNAM P2008

Reg # N363X


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Looking for a loaded, extra-clean, no damage history, P2008 with the latest equipment? If you can't afford new, this is your aircraft.

At a low 436TT, a 912 iSc certified fuel injected engine, a 3-Blade ground adjustable prop, premium paint & interior and other notable options, N363X will catch your attention. It was manufactured with all the goodies and recently received a significant upgrade to the latest Garmin equipment. Dual Garmin G3X Touch displays, dual nav / comms, dual gps, ADS-B in & out, an EFIS engine management system and a 2-axis autopilot are just the beginning. N363X is exceptionally clean and has been impeccably maintained by California Power Systems (CPS). Having always been hangared and well cared for, this aircraft impresses with it's almost new condition.

Note: the pictures shown are dated. Updated pics forthcoming.

493 lb useful load (not typo). Call Dave at for further details.

436 TT
Beringer wheels & brakes
Exterior/ Interior LED night lighting package
Electric flaps & electric stabilator trim
Parachute prepped w/ airframe harness
Custom factory aircraft cover
Windscreen heat shield
Tow bar

28 gallons fuel
493 lb useful load (not typo)

912 iSc certified engine (fuel injected)
Gearbox upgrade
EarthX LiPo battery with charger / jump pack and internal connector

iSc Sport --> flattens torque curve, providing more torque at lower rpms then remaining relatively constant throughout the standard operating range. Mated to the 3-blade prop, provides better acceleration, shorter take-off distances, improved climb and faster cruise speeds.

3-blade Sensenich
Ground-adjustable variable pitch


Fully Upgraded - Dual Garmin Glass Panel:
7" G3X Touch PFD
7" G3X Touch MFD
Synthetic Vision
Garmin Connext
G5 EFIS Back-up (AI, Alt., Airspeed, VS, TC)
Integra TL-6674 EFIS / EMS (Engine Managment System) w/ logs & checklists
GMA 245R Audio Panel w/ Bluetooth
Dual Nav/Comms:
GNC 255 # 1
GTR-20 # 2 (remote mount)
G3X 2-axis Autopilot (dual slaved to BOTH G3X & G5 back-up)
MD307 A/P Controller w/ FD, ALT w/ Pre-Select, VS, HDG, NAV, APR, VNAV, IAS & Blue Level Button
GTX 23 ES Transponder (remote mount)
ADSB - In & Out via:
GPS 20A WAAS (out) &
GDL 39R (In)
Garmin AOA (Angle of Attack) indicator with audio alert
ACK 406 dual mode ELT with remote panel switch

Backup mechanical Airspeed, Alt and VS indicators


Premium white with blue & black trim.


Tan sidepanels with dual tone premium tan & grey Alcantara leather
Dual USB power ports
12V power port
Garmin VIRB camera system with cockpit controls

Additional Equipment

Dual PTTs
Dual electric trim
Dual headphone jacks

Garmin interface system
Garmin magnetometer
Garmin temperature probe


LOAs for all upgrades.

Modifications / Conversions

Garmin avionics upgrades
Integra EFIS / Engine Management System

Delta Aviation Main Office


Phone: 810-417-9950

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