The Gulfstream jet also known as the Astra Gulfstream was first introduced in 1986 by Israel Aircraft Industries. The Gulfstream 1125 Astra is powered by twin Honeywell turbo fan engines. It typically sat six to nine passengers and had a maximum speed of 418 mph. The Gulfstream Astra has a wing span of 52.8 feet and a length of 55.7 feet. This business jet has a service ceiling of forty five thousand feet. This aircraft has a rate of climb of 3,500 feet per minute. The maximum takeoff weight is 23,501 lbs and has an empty weight of 12,670 lbs. India, Israel, and Eritrea primarily uses this aircraft for VIP transport. The Gulfstream first evolved from the IAI Westwind. Israel Aircraft Industries modified the wing design and built a completely new fuselage. If you’re in the market for a Gulfstream, we have an inventory for sale. Please take a look at our Gulfstream for sale below.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1987 ASTRA/GULFSTREAM 1125 - InquireInquire0US-FLYV30460016
1988 ASTRA/GULFSTREAM 1125 - $495,000.00$495,000.0010221US-MON902AU25
1989 Astra 1125 - $350,000.00$350,000.009205US-TXN959PP
1993 ASTRA/GULFSTREAM 1125 SP - InquireInquire0US-FL066
1998 IAI Astra SPX - InquireInquire2470US-MAN207BC
1999 Astra 1125SPX - InquireInquire7118US-FLN212T110
1999 ASTRA/GULFSTREAM SPX - InquireInquire0US-FLN377AC109
1999 ASTRA/GULFSTREAM SPX - InquireInquire4771US-FLN760JR111
2000 Astra SPX - Make OfferMake Offer2871US-MDN314AD128
2001 Astra SPX - $1,100,000.00$1,100,000.004234US-GAN666K134