The Cessna 414 first flight was in 1968. Cessna brought the aircraft to the aviation market shortly after the first flight. Cessna manufactured the aircraft from 1968 through 1985. The Cessna 414 is a pressurized dual engine aircraft mainly used for light transport. Cessna manufactured this aircraft to appeal to owners of un-pressurized twin engine aircraft. The Cessna 414 was designed with a low wing design along with a retractable tricycle landing gear. The Cessna 414 is powered by dual wing mountain three hundred ten horsepower engines. Cessna initially built 516 Cessna 414 and later built 554 of the 414A also known as the 414A Chancellor. There was also a variant known as the Riley Rocket 414. This aircraft was converted to twin 400 horse power Lycoming engines. This aircraft used a crew of one to two and could fit up to eight passengers. The aircraft was roughly thirty six feet long and had a wing span of forty four feet. It had an empty weight of 4,365 lbs. and a max takeoff weight of 6,750 lbs. The Cessna 414 had a maximum cruising speed of 271 mph hour and a service ceiling of 30,800 feet.If you’re looking for a single engine aircraft, we also a have an inventory of Cessna 182 for sale. Our inventory of Cessna 414 for sale is the best around. Please take a look at any of our Cessna 414 for sale below.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1973 CESSNA 414 - $295,000.00$295,000.006390US-MSN1627T
1974 CESSNA 414 - $239,000.00$239,000.000US-FL414TN414-0491
1975 CESSNA 414 - $239,000.00$239,000.004255US-FLN1502G4140815
1976 Cessna 414 - $389,500.00$389,500.002561US-TXN414NW414-0829
1976 CESSNA 414 - $169,000.00$169,000.006653CA-AB414-0849
1979 CESSNA 414A - Make OfferMake Offer8155US-FLN414GD
1979 Cessna 414A Chancellor - $175,000.00$175,000.000US-MA8853K414A0240
1980 Cessna 414A RAM IV - $415,000.00$415,000.005077US-TNN8789B4140605
1981 CESSNA 414A - $199,900.00$199,900.0010685US-WIN3247M414A0828
1982 CESSNA 414A - $545,000.00$545,000.004281US-FLN641CP