The Cessna 421 first flight was on October 14, 1965. Cessna brought the aircraft to market in 1967. Cessna manufactured this aircraft through 1985. The Cessna 421 was developed after the Cessna 411. The Cessna 421 is a twin engine aircraft and is mainly used for personal aircraft transportation. Some of the Cessna 421’s have been modified so they can use turbo prop engines. The standard Cessna 421 is powered by twin Continental GTSIO-520-Ds engines that produce 375 horsepower each. This aircraft uses a crew of 1-2 and it has a capacity of six passengers. The planes length is a little over thirty six feet and its wingspan is forty one inches and change. The Cessna 421’s empty weight is 4,500 lbs. and has a max takeoff weight of 7,450 lbs. The aircraft’s top speed is 295 mph when equipped with turbo charged engines. The service ceiling is 30,200 ft and it has a rate of climb of 1,940 feet per minute. If you’re in the market for an aircraft for sale, please take a look at our inventory of Cessna 421 for sale. We carry all the variants of the Cessna 421 below.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1973 CESSNA 421B - $265,000.00$265,000.005500US-WIN411TB421B0481
1974 Cessna 421B Golden Eagle - $168,000.00$168,000.006195US-NCN35FS421B0831
1974 CESSNA 421B - $309,000.00$309,000.005610US-OHN878SP421B-0634
1976 Cessna 421C Golden Eagle - InquireInquire5852US-VAN55WS0073
1976 CESSNA 421C - $439,000.00$439,000.000US-ORN29XX421C-0035
1977 Cessna 421 - $300,000.00$300,000.005712US-AR
1977 Cessna 421C Golden Eagle III - $299,000.00$299,000.007663US-TXN4162G
1977 CESSNA 421C - $230,000.00$230,000.007034US-FLN12CRC421C-0279
1977 CESSNA 421C - $269,900.00$269,900.004023US-MON50L
1977 CESSNA 421C - $139,750.00$139,750.009143US-MSN698D
1978 CESSNA 421C - InquireInquire4729US-OKN421JF
1978 Cessna 421C Golden Eagle - $249,900.00$249,900.004836US-OKN421JF421C0411
1979 Cessna 421C Eagle - $305,000.00$305,000.004734US-VAN141GL
1979 CESSNA 421C - $425,000.00$425,000.000US-VA
1979 CESSNA 421C - $375,000.00$375,000.005972US-KSN926MT
1979 CESSNA 421C - $289,000.00$289,000.000US-TXN58ZP
1980 CESSNA 421C - $325,000.00$325,000.009046US-FLN528TW421C1032
1981 CESSNA 421C - $419,000.00$419,000.004397US-NCN6797L421C1050
1981 CESSNA 421C - $329,900.00$329,900.005395US-MEN6865Z421C-1068
1981 Cessna 421C - $345,000.00$345,000.004720US-TXN811NA421C-1082