The Learjet model 35 is mainly used for business travel and military transportation. The Learjet model 35A was equipped with a pair of Garrett turbo fan motors and seats six to eight passengers. The Learjet 35 first flight was in August of 1973. There were a total of seven hundred thirty eight built in production. An interesting historic fact about the Learjet was made popular by golf sensation Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer set an around the world record by flying a total of 22,894 mile in a whopping fifty seven hours and twenty five minutes. The Learjet 35 was made after its predecessor, the model 25. It was extended roughly thirteen inches. An upgraded model of the 35 was the new Learjet 45 X. The Learjet model 35A was a modified version of the 35. It was equipped with larger engines and had a longer flight range. There were many variants of the Learjet 35 and 35A. These variants ranged from the C-21A through the U-21A. Some of these variants were used by the United States Military for photography and other surveillance camera systems. We have an array of Learjet’s for sale on our site. If you’re in the market for a Learjet, please have a look at our Learjet for sale below.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1976 LEARJET 35A - InquireInquire0US-FL
1977 LEARJET 36A - $1,375,000.00$1,375,000.0015602US-TXN160GC36A-030
1979 Learjet 35A - $495,000.00$495,000.009331US-FLN286SD35A-286
1979 LEARJET 35A - $795,000.00$795,000.0027030US-MON242DR35A-242
1980 LEARJET 35A - InquireInquire13066US-MD288
1980 Learjet 35A - InquireInquire11492US-MNN425AS281
1981 LEARJET 35A - InquireInquire0US-FLN469BB35-434
1982 LEARJET 35A - $395,000.00$395,000.0017747DK-OY-CCJ35A-468
1982 LEARJET 35A - $695,000.00$695,000.0011705CA-ABC-GTWL35A-490
1987 Lear 35A - InquireInquire0US-FLN625CY625