The Piper Malibu Matrix PA-46 has its first flight in 1979. It is a single engine aircraft that seats six people (one pilot) and has as pressurized cabin. The PA-46-310P Malibu variant has such benefits as having a greater range, being able to cruise at lean of peak, and uses less fuel. It has a Teledyne Continental Motors TSIO-520BE engine which generates 310hp. This model aircraft has set a number of world speed records including Chicago to Toronto at 439.13mph in 1989 by Steve Stout. The PA-46 was named the Malibu, until 2007 when the Matrix (PA-46R-350T) was announced by Piper. This is an unpressurized plane which has a turbocharged Lycoming TI0-540-AE2A engine generating 350hp, and retractable landing gear. The aircraft has an oxygen system built in, air conditioning and glass cockpit. There's also the S-Tec 55X autopilot feature. Various options were available with this Matrix including a different avionics system, weather radar and speed brakes. The Piper Matrix can cruise at 215 knots and has an empty weight of just under under 3000lb. Our inventory of Piper Malibu Matrix for sale, including variants, is the best you will find. View our list of Piper Matrix for sale below to see what we currently have available.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
2008 Piper Matrix - $469,900.00$469,900.002283US-PAN776KR4692071
2008 Piper Matrix - $449,900.00$449,900.001463US-KYN463ST4692073
2010 Piper Malibu Matrix - InquireInquire745US-TXN6105E4692150
2010 PIPER MALIBU MATRIX - InquireInquire875US-FLN163ST4692143
2010 Piper Matrix - $629,900.00$629,900.00879US-KYN163ST4692143
2013 Piper Matrix - $699,900.00$699,900.00450US-LAN295PM4692194