The Piper Twin Comanche also known as the PA-30 Twin Comanche was manufactured by Piper Aircraft and its first flight was in 1963. The Twin Comanche is a twin engine plane powered by two naturally aspirated Avco Lycoming flat four piston engines. The engine propellers are counter rotating and each produced one hundred and sixty horsepower. There was also a turbo charged engines offered that allowed the Twin Comanche to reach higher elevation. The Piper Twin Comanche was manufactured to replace the Piper Apache aircraft. The Piper Twin Comanche was manufactured in the same facility as the single engine Piper Comanche, which was also wiped out by the flood in 1972. The Twin Comanche was designed with a low wing and it also had a retractable landing gear. The Twin Comanche is also known for its great fuel efficiency. It has the best fuel efficiency in its class and held roughly 120 gallons. This aircraft used 15.5 gallons per hour during its normal cruising setting. There were three models of the PA30. The original model followed by the b and c series. This aircraft had a capacity of four to six people and had a length of twenty five feet and two inches. This aircraft had a maximum speed of 205 mph and a range of twelve hundred miles. If you in the market for a Twin Comanche for sale, please see our inventory of Piper Twin Comanche for sale below.

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Year  Description Price TTAF Location Reg. No. Serial No.
1966 PIPER TWIN COMANCHE - $79,000.00$79,000.004072US-OHN400LB 30-1059
1967 PIPER TWIN COMANCHE - $129,000.00$129,000.004759US-FLN936R936R